FTL vs LTL: What's the difference?

Discover this exclusive infographic on FTL vs LTL: What’s the difference? It covers all the key points on how full truckload and less-than-truckload services work and the shipments they are designed for carrying. If your business is looking for a freight delivery option, it can be hard knowing which one is right for your consignments. 

That’s why Forest Freight have shared this infographic to help clear up any confusion between both FTL and LTL. For example, FTL is usually used for one oversized or bulk shipment whereas LTL is for multiple consignments of smaller quantities. So depending on the goods you want to send, you’ll be able to work out which option will be most cost-effective. 

In addition, the infographic provides a full outline of the type of loads you can send with FTL and LTL, the separate weight and pallet restrictions and what benefits they offer. So you can get to know what they are and how you can use them. Explore more in our article here :

You can discover more about them here: https://www.forestfreight.co.uk/services/freight-delivery-ftl/

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