Steps to take before buying an Employee Monitoring Software

Just because you decided to purchase an employee monitoring software it doesn't mean you should go ahead and buy the first one that pops up in your search results.

Before you purchase an employee monitoring software, you must make sure that your company is ready for its implementation. The sooner you think about the next steps, the easier it will be. In general, there are 4 basic steps you must take before buying an employee monitoring software and we've covered them in brief in this infographic.

These are the steps:
1. Talk to your employees
2. Research your options
3. Create an employee monitoring policy
4. Make a decision (and purchase the software)

Upon reading all the steps, start thinking about the way you can implement them in your organization. We can't guarantee this will be an easy and smooth process, but these tips should help you get as close to smooth sailing as possible

The UK’s driving opinions

In a search for the UK’s most intriguing opinions on driving, temporary car insurance provider Dayinsure surveyed the British public with some poignant transport questions. Asking everything from whether dashcams should be required by law to whether those who are caught drink driving should be banned for life, the survey looks to uncover some of the most thought-provoking of public opinions.

The infographic which accompanies the piece has been created to display the most interesting of the findings, and results. Highlighting the key statistics from the study, it’s a takeaway of the need-to-know information. And, with the Dayinsure design, it is light and eye-catching.

The main article which the infographic supports breaks down each question in more depth, the results to each question and also looks into how they compare or contrast with the current laws and regulations. As well as that, it features interactive data graphics showing the full responses to the survey and a competition.

What is the best tourist attraction in the world?

What is it that makes a tourist attraction the best in the world? Is it its UNESCO Heritage Site status? Its number of hashtag mentions on Instagram? Or could it be its entry price? These are all things that UK cruise specialists ROL Cruise examined in a recent study to find ‘The best tourist attraction in the world’.

By scoring the world’s top 25 tourist attractions against a range of factors, they were able to determine that Machu Picchu is the world’s best attraction, beating the likes of Walt Disney World, the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum and more.

In the accompanying article, ROL Cruise showcases some of the top scoring contenders in each category, shining a light on what makes them so unique. The article also includes various first-hand experiences and opinions of travel bloggers who have visited these attractions themselves and what makes them one of the world’s top 25 tourism hotspots.

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Griffith Energy Services | 5 Myths About Mini-Split HVAC Systems

Ductless mini-split HVAC systems can be extremely useful for many types of homes in the Mid-Atlantic region, from older homes to those with new additions and renovations. When determining whether or not ductless mini-splits are the best choice for your home, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each type of system. However, there are several myths about ductless mini-split systems that are simply not true, but end up deterring people from choosing ductless. One of these myths is that ductless is “bad for the environment,” a falsehood because of the fact that modern cooling technology doesn’t use ozone-damaging refrigerants. Furthermore, ductless mini-splits use filters to trap allergens and VOCs that are already in your home’s air. Read on to learn the truth about ductless mini-splits and how they can be the perfect fit for your home.

The 50 Most Difficult Words to Translate into English

The infographic represents the 50 Most Difficult Words to Translate into English.

What happens when a word isn’t easily translated into English? Many words require careful explanation for English speakers, while others, like “schadenfreude,” are absorbed into the language as is. Find out which 50 words are most difficult to translate into English as well as the meanings behind those words.

It could be put up for discussion if there are some other words that should be on this list, but there is only so much space on one infographic and so many languages from which to extract content. So which one of these do you find most interesting and can you think of any other words that would be difficult to translate into English?

Top Amazon Stats 2019!

The world of E-Commerce is booming and is growing from year to year.

One of the biggest E-Commerce platforms out there is Amazon.

Amazon is also constantly growing, and the number of sellers is increasing from year to year.

Every Amazon seller knows how important it is to have the right facts and figures to make the right decisions and grow their businesses.

However, it is sometimes difficult to get the right data.

Sometimes you get flooded with data and can't even do anything with it.

This infographic shows the Top Amazon Stats 2019, clearly arranged.

Women vs Men in Entrepreneurship

According to the findings by Zervant, a free invoicing software for entrepreneurs, women and men are different when it comes to entrepreneurship. While 42% of women say they could imagine becoming an entrepreneur vs. 56% of men, only about a third of entrepreneurs are women. Women tend to run smaller companies compared to their male counterparts.

Industries are also often quite different. Women tend to run companies in healthcare or personal services while men dominate industries such as construction and energy.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, gender of the founder correlates quite strongly with the gender of the employees. This can be seen as being linked to the industry: women tend to work and found companies in certain industries, and men in others.

The small size of the company and a female leader seem to correlate with pay equality: both sexes get paid more equally. All entrepreneurs are different and while gender certainly can explain some differences, the topic is significantly more nuanced.
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6 ways to avoid failure when your business grows rapidly

Your business grows rapidly; it must be the moment you have been waiting. After years of hard-working, you can now build your own business model. Your profits are good, your customers are satisfied, and your sales are up. This seems to be the perfect time for you to enjoy your success. However, before going further, you need to stop for a while to carefully access your achievements. Researchers believe that growing too fast is as dangerous as not growing. Moreover, if you are too satisfied with your success, you can make mistakes undoubtedly. And, your business will go down as a consequence.

So, which mistakes do new entrepreneurs often make when their businesses grow fast? And how to avoid them? Scroll down. This article is going to introduce to you the top 6 ways on how to avoid failure when your business develops rapidly.

1. Keep track of your finances

Excessive growth may outpace your ability to conceive of your business scale. When you run a small business, it is straightforward for you to keep track of your financial situation. You can take a quick look at your money and know how much you should spend on a specific investment, for example. However, when you get to a larger scale, it is very difficult to keep track of your finance in your head.

You need to brainstorm to find out the best way to trace your finance and cash flow. During tax season, you should consult your chief accountant as often as possible to know the actual condition of the company. Also, try to find out how successful people manage their money and finance and learn from them. However, remember to apply other people's methods basing on the real context of your company.

2. Hire the right people

The balance you create within a small team of great employees is meaningful to the success of your startup. However, when it opens up, you will need to hire more people who are not only professional but also suitable for your company’s culture. This is a challenging task for all managers.

At the first stage of your growth mode, you may want to use the revenue generated to pay back loans. It means that your budget for human resources is not so abundant. Can you attract wonderful candidates with low salary levels? The answer is no. You cannot recruit experts with bad remuneration. However, you can consider whether you need a high-qualified applicant for this vacancy or not; and for which position you need a skillful worker, and which you don’t.

3. Avoid management mistakes

When your business expands, you should step back to look at the whole picture. Many entrepreneurs fail because they forget essential business functions and focus on tiny day-to-day details only. Don’t turn yourself into a micro manager, and try to accelerate your entrepreneurial vision. Also, never work separated from your business’s reality. Dis-connectivity is dangerous because you may make the wrong decision if you do not know your business’s exact situation.

4. Scale customer services

Not only should you scale up your customer service team, but also you had better keep up to date with the increased demand for this service. Excellent customer services with enthusiastic agents, who are willing to go extra miles to make a potential customer an advocate, are proven to help build a good reputation for the company.

A quick extension may also prevent you from living up to your stellar reputation, especially when your customer services do not generate enough metrics to let you know how your business is going. Therefore, always pay attention to this aspect and set clear standards for your customer assistants to work on.

5. Scale technology to business needs

Technology plays an important role in the development of your company. Your firm needs effective tools to run all systems efficiently. The technology mentioned here may be anything from the Internet, storage solutions, cloud-based applications, and so on.

The need for the technology of a business is based on its size, structure, and goals. Therefore, before upgrading, you need to clarify what your business needs and how much it can adapt, regarding functionality and cost. If the new technology is under your business’s demand, you will have to change it soon and spend another large amount of money on it. In contrast, if the update is too far from your company’s ability to pay, you will have no funds for other trading activities and may be driven to the edge of bankrupt.

If you are not sure which to scale up, you can hire an IT generalist to help you put all the technological processes in place before making a decision.

6. Get your business well-organized

Getting bigger means you have to embrace more roles and hire more employees. Thereby, getting everything under control is essential to the stable development of the company. Working loosely may be fine for a small group of overwhelming employees. However, when developed, individuals will transform into groups, so staying arranged becomes one of the most amplified necessities.

You also need to create a comfortable working environment throughout the company to motivate your workers to work hard. Make sure your operators are people of principles, and they work well together for the common goal of the company.

To sum up, rapid growth is not only your success but also a challenge to your career. Things you should do to avoid failure during this period is to keep track of your finances, recruit the right people, scale up your customer services and technology, and especially well organize your organization.

Also, remember not to bog down into micromanaging, and always concentrate on the big picture. Never be too satisfied with your success and be ready for challenges. We hope that with this article, you have learned some useful tips to run your business smoothly when it grows quickly. If you know other tips, please share with us by commenting on the box below.

Thanks for reading!

The Truth About The Car Accident Statistic For Uber and Lyft

There are things people should understand the importance of rideshare services in our daily living. Many people regularly use rideshare services these days. Uber and Lyft continue to increase in popularity as more people ditch cars in favor of cheaper and more eco-friendly modes of transportation. There are many plus sides to this, as it can help the environment, help prevent drunk driving crashes and DUIs, and help people save money. However, there are a few dangers as well. One thing that most rideshare users don't consider is what would happen if the Uber or Lyft they are riding in got into an accident. Who would be responsible for medical costs etc? Are riders covered under a driver's insurance? This infographic, created by the partners at SRGS law looks at these questions and more. It explains the statistics around rideshare accidents, and what steps you should take if you ever find yourself in one.

What The Students Learn About Drunk Driving?

Most parents are worried about their kids when they enter college. Do they change behavior because of the people they mingle with? Sometimes parents keep on observing their children when they are outside the house. This infographic looks at the statistics about college students and drunk driving and how parents can help prevent their children from drunk driving while they are at college. It explains how many college students drink regularly as well as how many college students end up injured or in a fatal accident due to drunk driving. It also looks at what happens when a student gets a DUI and what the consequences of a DUI are. If you are the parent of a college student, this infographic can help you understand the growing issue of drunk driving among college students and what you can do to help keep your child safe. This infographic will help you get ideas about this.
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Why Rideshares Can Be Dangerous To Most People?

Do you regularly use rideshare for everyday living? Rideshare services are becoming more and more popular in the US. They provide a cheap and more environmentally friendly way for people to get around. They are also helpful in preventing drunk driving crashes and DUIs, as people can easily get a ride home from almost anywhere with these services. However, these services can also have some risks. Most people think about what they would do if they got into a car accident while driving their vehicle, but they probably don't think through what they would do if they got into an accident while taking a Lyft or Uber ride. This infographic explains what people need to know about rideshare accidents. It explains the statistics and what you should do if you get into an accident while using a rideshare service. It also explains things like who is liable, what you should do if you are injured, and more. If you regularly use rideshare services, you should take a look at this infographic. It will help you be more prepared.
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A Guide to Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy, or color therapy, uses specific colors to help benefit a person’s mental and physical health. It has been used as a healing technique for centuries and dates back to ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures.

Today, modern chromotherapy draws on these same principles, but uses LED lighting and other technological advances to make the most out of the therapy. Chromotherapy can also be combined with other therapies, such as hydrotherapy, halotherapy, acoustic therapy, or aromatherapy to get the most out of your routine.

Many people confuse chromotherapy with chromatherapy, which is the use of colored lights in your bath or shower. Incorporating chromotherapy in your spa, bath, hot tub, sauna, shower, or pool are some of the most common ways people use lights for healing. But chromotherapy as a wider practice is much more general. It could include seeking out green in nature when you want to relax, painting your office blue to spark creativity, or combining yellow and orange to enhance feelings of happiness. Learn more about how to incorporate chromotherapy into your life in our infographic below!