Behind The Scenes: The Cost of Video Production in the Philippines

Aside from adding variety to the content on your brand’s online feeds, did you know that video productions can give you a huge return on investment? For example, a video on your brand’s landing page can make your conversion rates shoot up by 80% and boost email marketing click-throughs by 65%, according to a study by BigCommerce. No wonder more and more brands in the Philippines are investing in top-class video productions!

Before you dive into video production, however, you’ll want to have an idea of how big a budget you need to set aside. Otherwise, you might be shocked by how much you’ll be spending for a video production! You can’t expect a high quality video production to come cheap, after all. A cost breakdown can help you find the perfect balance between reasonable production costs and professional results that’ll attract your viewers’ attention.

To help you out, here’s a one-stop guide to the cost of video production in the Philippines. This infographic lists down the estimated costs for each stage of the video production process, from reservations for shooting locations to the stock footage used in post-production. There’s even a section dedicated to DIY video productions in case you’re feeling a bit creative yourself!

Phones 4 Loo

Insurance brand loveit coverit have been conducting independent research, looking into the various ways in which smartphones have affected our daily lives. In particular, they’ve surveyed 2000 people across the UK to find out exactly how smartphones are being used in our most private and intimate spaces, such as the bedroom and bathroom. As part of the survey, respondents were asked how often they use take their smartphone to the toilet with them, the extent to which they use their smartphone throughout the day, and how often, if ever, they interrupt or refuse sexual intercourse because of their smartphone. The results were pretty shocking and revealing.

loveit coverit found that between 15 – 16% of young people have used their phone during sex, 15% of which have checked dating apps during intercourse. This demonstrates, quite clearly, how smartphones are affecting relationships. Read the rest of the in-depth infographic to find out more.

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Is Veterans Compensation Benefits A Real Thing?

We all know how difficult to be part of the veteran service. Part of them gains depression while serving. Some veterans come back after the military service. It is a sign to collocate health care, financial benefits, and housing assistance.  The good news about it is when the average disability check increased by $83 per month for those rated 100% and $4 month for those rated 10%. You will learn it through the help of the infographic. Facing the issue is not a problem at all. Thus, it a simple way of courteous and respectful to our veterans on how they strive well in serving the nation.

Going through the veterans compensation benefits rate, it comes with these categories:

1. Veterans whit the disability rate of 10% or higher is eligible for benefits.
2. Official veteran disability charts will decide the amount veterans are eligible for.
3. Disability benefits are not included as gross income for income tax purposes.

Traffic Status and Behavior of Popular Cities During Peak Hours

If you live in a strategic location or large district where there are a lot of city dwellers, then you’re probably all too familiar with the impact of traffic congestion. With a lot of people getting stuck in traffic, the hours spent translates to lost productivity that can cost a significant amount of money wasted each year. For instance, the worsening traffic in Metro Manila, Philippines amounts to P3.5 billion a day in lost opportunities and productivity.

So, how can this be solved? The thing is, traffic congestion is unpredictable. To solve it, one needs to have a clear understanding of the problem and a thorough examination of its root cause. Until then, commuters and motorists alike can best beat traffic by getting on the road before peak hours.

From the daily road congestions to the extra delay on highways during holiday seasons, chronic traffic can negatively affect the quality of life for pedestrians, commuters, motorists, and everyone residing or working in the metro. To see a clearer picture of the problem, here’s the traffic status and behavior of the popular cities during peak hours with the infographic below. 

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A guide to New York’s skyline

The new infographic from ROL Cruise, the UK’s top independent cruise advisor, looks at the most iconic buildings from one of the most iconic cities in the world’s skyline. New York is known for its towering skyscrapers and this infographic tells you more about them than you may have known already.

Examining the Manhattan skyline including the Brooklyn Bridge, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the Chrysler Building, the Flatiron, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Islands Immigration Building and the Freedom Tower. These buildings are all iconic parts of the Big Apples skyline and known all over the world for their prominent silhouettes, but do you know the history of the Ellis Island Immigration Building, or how many floors there are in the Freedom Tower?

As well as having great information, the infographic is colourful, fun and eye-catching. It’s certainly one that does the city, and these amazing buildings justice.

Amazon Seller Fees 2019

Selling on Amazon can be amazing. Just ship your product to Amazon Warehouses and they do the rest! However, you must keep an eye on fees. They can definitely sneak up on you and kill your profits.

There are new fees for 2019 which may affect your Amazon Business. This infographic details some of the top fee changes for 2019. Most products have an average referral fee of 15%, while some can have up to a 45%! Keep this in mind when pricing your products.

The Amazon Fulfillment Fees, Monthly Inventory Storage Fees and Long Term Storage Fees are critical to your success as an Amazon Seller. All of these need to be carefully considered to ensure profitability. Whether you are an Individual Seller or a Professional Seller, each distinction has a fee advantage. Make sure to evaluate the type of seller you are and select the most appropriate plan based on your business.

How To Write A Perfect Guest Post Pitch

There is no doubt that having a strong online presence is important for all businesses. Lots of entrepreneurs, bloggers and marketers are looking for the solution of how to increase brand awareness. Blogger outreach is still one of the most popular methods to do that.

Every great blogger outreach campaign starts with a great guest post pitch. Writing a successful pitch that stands out is definitely not easy, especially since editors get dozens of pitches every day.

The real question is, how to do that? What is the exact formula that will get your email opened and your pitch accepted? It doesn’t exist - but there are some guidelines you should follow.

Recently, we have done the research and ask editors what they really want to see in their guest post pitches. 84 of them gave us an answer (among them many from top marketing blogs like CoSchedule, Contently, Ahrefs, SEJ…).

Find out what are the most important things to have in mind when you are writing a guest post pitch by taking a peek at the infographic below:

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How Can Be A Father Handle Custodial Care For Children

The saddest part of the family relationship wherein there is distinct reasons why parents suddenly broke apart. There are typical scenes where the mothers are getting the favor of the law in the custody of their children. However, some courts are stating about the equal parental right of parents. In the infographic, it shows how a father could do custodial care for his/her children.  Here are the factors why men are likely to gain custody than mother.

  • The child's wishes (based on age)
  • The child's relationship with each parent
  • The father's ability and willingness to spend time with the child
  • The father's ability to support the child financially
  • The best interests of the child
  • Safety of the child (in the case of abuse or other issues)

Above all these, the importance of keeping the children is the top priority.  No one wishes to a broken family relationship. But caring for the children in every situation is a must.
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How Your New Office Can Help You Start Strong This 2019

If you're at work right now, pause for a second and take a look around you. What's the dominant layout in your office? Are you working in a traditional cubicle? Are you in an office that uses an open floor plan, or has areas of open space?

Whatever the layout of your office is, it's important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each. Not every company is like Google – a nap room, for example, can tempt your employees to put off work instead of being motivated to do a better job. And cubicles, despite their bad reputation, can actually be a productivity booster to certain types of people when implemented correctly.

The key is to figure out what your company culture is, and then list down the office layouts that will complement that culture. If you're looking to give your business a leg up this year, then check out these tips and options for upgrading your office space  for improving workplace productivity.

Know the Meaning of Flag Colors and Symbols

At last count, there are 197 independent countries currently recognized by the United Nations, and each has its own respective flag. How many flags do you know? And what do you know about what all those flags mean? Just as a person’s individual style says a lot about them, each of these flags says a lot about its respective country and the national values represented. You probably know that most flags are rectangular, but there are a few exceptions to note. And what about all those colors and symbols?

Here are some fun facts featured in our infographic, Know The Meaning of Flag Colors and Symbols:

  • NEPAL: The only nation with a non-quadrilateral flag. The flag features two triangles which symbolize the two peaks of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.
  • VATICAN CITY: The world’s smallest nation (population: around 840) has a square-shaped flag that bears symbols of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • SWITZERLAND: Another square flag! And if you’ve ever seen a Swiss Army Knife, you already know what Switzerland’s flag looks like – it contains a white cross in the center of a red square field.
  • DOMINICA: The modern world’s only flag featuring the color purple. If you want to know WHY there’s purple on this flag, take a look at our infographic!
  • JAMAICA: Every flag in the world contains some amount of the colors red, white, or blue, except for one – Jamaica! Try stumping your coworkers at the water cooler with that fun fact!
  • DENMARK, SWEDEN, NORWAY, & FINLAND: The Nordic countries all have flags with similar horizontal cross designs, and they also tend to get easily confused. Check out our infographic to learn how to tell these flags apart and to see what their respective colors represent.
  • JAPAN: What’s up with that big red dot? Let’s just say this – they don’t call it the Land of the Rising Sun for nothing!

Guide to Newington Green, London

Many travelers prefer going off the beaten path and even stay away far from tourist traps when visiting cities around the world. To immerse themselves into the culture, some would look for the best places where they can indulge in different cuisines. If you’re one of these folks and find yourself in the London area, Newington Green is worth a visit.

Dubbed as ‘the ideal dining neighborhood,’ Newington Green boasts of restaurants that are sure to appeal to the palate of gastronomes everywhere. With a rich history that made the town a haven for non-conformists, the restaurants continue the tradition with dishes that stand out.

This side of London is bursting with character and all beautiful places to see. If you’re looking for a chill place to relax and enjoy a few drinks, there’s a Victorian pub that was once voted as most loved in the whole city. With that kind of recognition, you’ll find it hard to resist the temptation to have a few.

if you’re aching to have an experience that’s different than what you get from mainstream places in London, check out this handy guide on Newington Green. It’s a visit you won’t regret.

Some Reasons You Need To Know Involving Car Accident

Getting into an accident won't be easy to get away from trouble and hassle due to time you will spend that day. Most cities have tensionally caused by accident we need to eliminate. The infographic is showing the people the traffic collision rates are delinquent. The number of accidents in Oklahoma City is no joke. Oklahoma City has recorded 167, 962 people were involved in a traffic collision in 2016. Because of these issues, we listed some reasons why an accident happens on the road as the

- Drunk driving
- Distracted driving
- Speedy driving

No matter how we drive carefully but someone neglects to follow the sign and traffic rules, it becomes useless. Safety comes in ourselves first. Discipline is a priority. Dragging someone to a traffic collision is not intentional. However, the cause by accident may be painful and permanent. Some people who have involved are pedestrians, passengers, bicyclist or drivers.