TOP Trending Print on Demand Products To Sell on Etsy in 2022

 Etsy is a unique platform where you can discover one-of-a-kind vintage, artisan, and handmade treasures while supporting small businesses. It is the place where customers go in search of unique, selling over 40 million items from entrepreneurs around the world.

Essentially, Etsy brings together small business owners and customers who value handmade goods, unique items, and personal connections. Etsy makes it easy to start a business and open a store.

But what to sell to make money on Etsy? How to choose a niche for success? What if you're not very good at DIY?

If you are asking yourself these questions, we hasten to please you! We have identified one of the most profitable print-on-demand products on Etsy that will help you create a successful business and make your customers satisfied and loyal.

How to Run a Corporate Event

Have you got to plan your own corporate event? If you need inspiration, use the following infographic to create a pitch-perfect event, every time. Here are the do’s and Don’ts of corporate event planning.

Corporate Event Planning Explained

As you can see from the infographic, there are things that can help and things that can hinder your corporate event day success. Let’s start working through them, one by one.

Tips for Having an Excellent Event

The first point we talk about refers to inclusivity. A corporate event is for everyone, and that might mean making special arrangements to ensure those with special needs can get to it. It means providing transport and accommodation, as well as food and drink, as we mentioned later. Your event should not inconvenience people. The more inconvenience, the less people will show up.

The second main point from the things you should do to organise a successful event, lies in the planning. It is partially in the planning of the day, and partially in the planning of the fun times you will have. This is another key watchword for any corporate event: fun. It shouldn’t feel like a tedious event you were dragged to at work. It should feel like something you look forward to every year. The main problem with corporate events is attendance. The more exciting your event, the better the attendance.

How to Make Your Event Exciting?

How do you make your corporate event exciting? You hire entertainment they would never get for themselves. You challenge them with team building exercises that feel like fun pub events, not work-based team building events. You hire professionals to come and give lessons in something amazing – like gourmet dining, bouldering, or archery. You can even give the whole event a theme, making it a party atmosphere before they even step in the door. Eventbrite have further tips on planning if you need inspiration.

What to Avoid when planning a Corporate Event?

Just as there are positives you should aim for, there are also things to avoid when planning an event. Although we agree that you ought to invite all employees equally, we would similarly caution you to monitor that guest list a little. If you end up inviting disgruntled ex-employees, you risk having them show up and make a scene. This is a bad situation for everyone – but especially for you, the event planner. The aim is to have your corporate fun days be so inspirational that the ex-employees try to show up even when they don’t work for you anymore – but without the scene.

The next top tip for things to avoid on your perfect team-building day out, is charging a fee. Nobody wants to pay for the commute to come to work, never mind an entry charge for your corporate event. Don’t even ask them to club together for the bus. The employee should feel valued in an event, not left out. In fact, studies suggest that throwing in some free branded merchandise is a good way to boost staff morale and company pride.

There are two major mistakes you can make when picking a date. Pick a holiday or a match day and you could see nobody show up. Second, picking a date on the weekend is a no-go. Thirdly, think about that location. If you have a corporate event in the office, you half the chances of everyone coming. The point in a day out is to free everyone from the usual shackles. This lets them make new friends and bond with each other, thereby giving you a stronger, healthier, happier team.

Events Should be Exciting

The golden rule is this: keep your event exciting and fun, make it an adventure, a trip out of the ordinary. If you can do that, you can capture their imagination. If you can capture their imagination, you might just hold onto them for another year.

Average UK House Prices Since 1950s

When is the best time to get on the property ladder? The simple answer is, as soon as possible. While there have been some periods where house prices in the UK have stagnated or even dipped a little, as a general rule of thumb, property prices will always increase. Therefore, the earlier you are able to invest in a property, the more money you are likely to make off it (or the more money you’ll save buying it earlier).

The best way to understand house prices and the way that they have changed throughout the decades, is by looking at the statistics. Facts and figures never lie. We’ve put together this handy infographic to help you see easily where and when house prices have increased and what the difference is now, in comparison to the previous seven decades.

Infographic Source:

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App in 2022?

App development is something that no longer is supposed to be acknowledged. In fact, it has become a sure-shot norm to succeed for any and every business. Having some kind of online presence whether it's through the web or mobile devices is pretty vital to gaining a competitive edge over your competitors. Now here comes the big question, how much all this is going to cost you? Well, the good news is, it's not going to cost you an arm and a leg. The following post focuses on how much it costs to develop a software Application in 2022. 

Now being familiar with the price associated with developing these applications and a strong digital presence can save you from spending extravagantly. 

So, How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App?

Well, first and foremost it totally depends on what kind of app you are willing to develop for your business. You see if you are developing a simple-looking application comprising basic features and functionalities then it might cost somewhere between $40,000 to $60,000 in the span of 2-3 months, if you are developing a bit-complex one then the price might rise from $60,000 to $150,000  in the span of 3 to let’s say 6 months and a complicated one with tremendous features and functionalities will start from $300,000 takes more than 9 months.

Now, what if someone wants to develop a bit more complicated application but at a lower price. In other words, strike a healthy balance, can they? Of course, they can! For that, you need to read away to know about factors that affect the app development cost. 

Factors Affecting The Mobile App Development Cost

#1 The Choice of your Platform

One of the crucial factors that help in determining the cost of app development to consider is the choice of your platform. For example, there is a huge possibility of designing and developing apps for Android or iOS. Apart from this, you can create apps to support your existing virtual assistants or messaging platforms, IoT platforms, etc. So yes, developing on different platforms can result in lowering down and raising the cost. 

I would personally recommend figuring out what you need to build first and then determining the technology. This will surely have a huge impact on the overall app development cost. 

#2 App design and functionality

The very next aspect to take into consideration is the app’s design and functionality. Of course, every business wants to create an app that comprises the best design and functionality just for the sake of a seamless and better user experience. And there lies another cost-differentiating factor. For example, if you develop a list-based app and a real-time service app then the cost will certainly differ. 

Also, adding features such as content flow, payment gateways, user data backup, user analytics, social media integration and third-party services integration takes a lot of time and money but in the end, it’s worth doing. 

#3 Security 

One of the common mistakes businesses often make just to reduce app development costs is ignoring security. With so many security breaches happening around, one shouldn’t this aspect at any cost. Certain factors such as multi-factor authentication, data protection, firewall, and tight cryptographic algorithms must be taken into account while conducting your app development project. 

 For this, you can ask your app development company to kill two birds with an arrow, which is to set best security practices and optimize the overall development cost. 

#4 Where is the Developer’s Team located

Yes, another interesting factor which is often neglected is the developer’s team location. Now I am sure you must have heard about the hype about offshore development companies these days? Choosing an in-house or outsourcing a software development company can be a huge cost differentiator. This is mainly because of the tax difference in different countries, in developed countries tax is often high whereas in developing countries tax is pretty low. 

Another aspect is even if you choose an extended team to perform all the tasks for you, a low price can be expected. So if you happen to find a reliable software development company overseas, just grab the opportunity. 

#5 Maintenance

What after the application is developed and deployed. In case, you happen to face any issues later on what if the development company doesn’t answer you at all. So do check whether they offer maintenance and support later on. Again this factor impacts on the cost but if you look at the big picture, it won’t seem to be such a costly venture. 

Developing an application on the basis of its Type

  • If you are developing a mobile app then it might range from $30000 to $300000
  • For iOS - $55000 to $300000
  • For Android - $50000 to $300000
  • If you are planning to develop a web application then the cost might range from $60000 to $300000
  • If you are willing to include disruptive mobile technologies such as an augmented reality app then $100000 to $250000
  • If you are planning to develop an eCommerce app then $60000 to $250000
  • An app for social media might lead to $50000 to $300000
  • If you are planning to develop a food delivery app then it might range from $40000 to $150000

More or less the cost depends on what kind of app you are willing to develop. In addition, which programming language you are using is Swift, Java, Kotlin, PHP, Javascript, Golang and so forth.      

Now over to you! 

Overall conducting an app development project whether it's for the first time or the very fifth time is not easy. However, it is very important for you to know that this is not the only project that you will be taking on your entire life. So spending extravagantly shouldn’t be considered an option. I hope the following post turns out to be helpful. In case, if you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below. 

Basic Check list of end of lease cleaning

End of lease cleaning makes your next exit easier while you go outside , living room, kitchen and bathroom.

The most difficult thing to do when you are moving out of a home you’ve rented is the task of doing an adequate and thorough task of finishing the cleaning at the end of your lease. If you don’t get it done to standard, the results can be very expensive.

There are so many different things to think about when moving house, from packing and moving through to changing utilities and address details. While cleaning your old home is often left to the last minute, end of lease cleaning is essential whenever you’re moving out of a rental property. In order to get your bond back from a real estate agent or landlord, it’s critical to follow a detailed cleaning checklist and leave nothing to chance.

  1. Outside - Cut your lawn, mow it and trim out the weeds that are growing in your garden
  2. Living Room - Clean heaters vents and dust
  3. Kitchen - Clean out ovens,sinks and refrigetators as well as dishwashing machines and exhaust fans too.
  4. Bathroom - Make sure that the mirrors are clean and free of streaks

Monitor What Kids Are Into It!

 Do you want to monitor what your kids are into it? Internet-connected and cell phone-obsessed kids have got freedom. They have access to the internet, social media, video games, chat rooms, and adult content. 

TheOneSpy is the parental control software that offers services to monitor and control cell phone activities. It has come up with the infographic following their age groups, like little kids, preschoolers, big kids, tweens, and teens. 

TheOneSpy offers features concerning kids’ age groups that enable parents to set parental controls on their cell phone activity. Kids are consuming media diets excessively and spending hours and hours on their mobile screens. 

You can monitor kids browsing history, explicit activity, drug abuse, online dating, sexting, and excessive screen time. You can monitor every activity of your child at the time and space of your choosing. You can protect your kids online and so much things for your kids digital well-being.

Guide to Heart Disease: Types, Causes Symptoms, and Treatment

 Due to its vital role, the heart is one of the major organs in the human body. By pumping blood through a vast network of arteries and veins, different bodily systems are properly nourished to function at optimal levels. Given its importance, it is clear that heart care will play a great factor in your physical well-being. 

Heart disease refers to any medical condition that concerns your cardiovascular system. People who have destructive lifestyle habits, such as smoking and binge-eating, are at far greater risk of contracting cardiac arrest and other related ailments. If you want to ensure your longevity and comfort, then you need to make significant adjustments today.

As with all diseases, prevention will always be better than cure. Knowing the different heart diseases and their causes will help you preserve your health. To get you started, the infographic we’ve prepared will discuss everything you need to know. 

Preparing For Your Criminal Case: 5 Important Steps

Dealing with a criminal case can be overwhelming. With the help of a criminal attorney, you can have the best chance of fighting any charges you may be facing. However, it's still important to know the steps you need to take to give yourself the best chance of success in your case. To learn the 5 important steps to take when prepping for your case, check out our infographic below.

All About Metabolism

Metabolism is a critical component to a healthy lifestyle and should not be an after thought when it comes to your health. With all the misinformation about metabolism and how it works floating around the internet we thought we would put together this simple infographic to explain the real truth. You can feel free to use this free information which can be applied to any lifestyle and start to live a happier, healthier life. Whether you're trying to lose weight or you just want to create more balance in your daily regimen you can use the tips inside this infographic starting today. 

We've included some of the biggest myths when it comes to metabolism and have given you the real facts to clear up any confusion once and for all.  We hope you enjoy the infographic that we put together and truly hope that you can start using it to start benefiting today!

Real Estate Investment Dictionary: 20 Must-Know Terms

Due to the high quality of returns available, real estate has been a popular investment option for the previous 50 years. Furthermore, those entering the game are becoming younger, making it a realistic possibility for all generations. It has grown in importance as time has passed, with professionals in the field supplying more useful knowledge to future practitioners.

Learning and making real estate investments may be a profitable but frightening task for beginners. From operations to management, there is a learning curve. There's a lot to learn about the notion, which has been developed over many years.

Individuals who brush up on real estate investment vocabulary will gain a better understanding of the industry as they become more familiar with the comprehensive glossary of terms in the real estate investment dictionary. This infographic provides helpful examples customized to the real estate business if you're having trouble explaining ideas and terminology related to real estate investment.

Everything You Need to Know About Metal Barn

Most of you already know what’s a barn. A barn is an agricultural building usually on farms and used for various purposes. More often, they are used to house livestock (cattle, horses, etc.), as well as equipment, fodder, and grain.

This is just the basic knowledge about a barn building. If you are looking forward to investing in a metal barn or upgrading your knowledge, we will provide you with detailed information. This infographic will give youtube the best and in-depth details about barns. 

The entire infographic is bifurcated as below:

  • Most Common Types of Metal Barns
  • Point to Consider when Buying a Metal Barn
  • Advantages of Metal Barn Buildings
  • Roof Style Available for Metal Barn Buildings
  • Uses of Metal Barn Structures 

Types Of Watches And Watch Terms

Watches are a key part of your look - they say something about your style, taste, and personality. But finding the perfect type of watch can be tough, especially with so many styles to choose from. When you select a watch, it's important to consider not just the time it displays, but the features it offers and the experience of wearing it. Use this infographic from Watch Depot to find out all you need to know.