The ultimate guide to beer around the world

This brand-new infographic from the UK’s top cruise specialists is perfect for both beer lovers and traveller alike. Listing 7 of the best beer producing countries and their most prominent type of brew, it’s sure to make anyway want to take a trip around the world to try them.

Featuring Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and China, the beers featured are: cerveza, craft beer, stout, Belgian-style ale, pilsner, bock and light beer. As well as those beers, it also features some interesting beer facts about all seven countries.

The accompanying article on the ROL Cruise website goes into more detail about each country, listing some of the history of beer there and some anecdotes from travellers who have been there and sampled the beer first-hand. We are sure this infographic is enough to make anyone want to pick up a pint and book a cruise ticket around the world!

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The Best Music Subscription: Apple Music vs Spotify

Music is an important part of our life. That is why it is important to choose the right app to use to enjoy your favourite music. The best options include Apple Music and Spotify. These are the top ones, but they are different, of course. So, it is a difficult task to choose the best one for yourself. The detailed research needs to be done. Compare the pricing, availability, sound quality. Here is the infographic that compares the main features of both Apple Music and Spotify. There you can also check when each of the apps were founded, the number of users, and also you can see the countries where Apple Music and Spotify are used. Also some of the main features that make these apps so popular and useful can be noticed for your consideration as well. Compare them, think, and make the choice that will be perfect for you.

The Language of Flowers

Our main goals creating this infographic is to educate people on the types of flower that are available out there. The flower that we mention in infographic are not the entire flower species available, but it's a start. We pick out the most common flower that people sent for a specific occasion, such as Valentine's day, Anniversary, Congratulatory, Housewarming, Baby Shower and even Funeral.

It is important for people to understand the flower meaning before they send them as a gift, because each flower can hold a different meaning, and they should choose the right one if they want to express their feeling through flowers. Flowers are such a meaningful gift that always able to bring happiness and smile to the one who receive it. Do your best to make it a thoughtful gift and show your care there.

We try to provide as much information that we possibly can so people will find our infographic useful.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

This informative infographic explains what Spinal Decompression Therapy is, what it can potentially cure, and a brief anatomy of the spine for a better understanding of the process. Surgery or pain medications aren’t your only options if you’re suffering from chronic neck or back pain. If traditional treatments haven’t worked for you in the past, you may experience long awaited relief through the use of spinal decompression therapy.

Not as scary as it sounds, spinal decompression therapy is a method of gently stretching the spine to alleviate tension and pressure. Relief is possible without the use of pain medications or invasive surgical treatments.

The basic concept of Spinal Decompression Therapy is to create space between each vertebrate to reposition the affected disc. This in turn alleviates the pressure on the nerves and relieves pain and numbness. Using a traction table, or other motorized device, the spine is stretched in different sessions, depending on circumstances and results.

Video Analytics for Retail

Video Analytics can track people, objects, paths, count people who crossed a virtual line, can measure how long people stay in an area, and track purchase data live or in recorded footage. Tracking people means that it can watch where individuals are going, tracking an object can be tracked by its shape or color.  All of this reduces loss and shrinkages. A feature of video analytics is that it may have heat mapping analytics which can show heavily trafficked area & rarely visited areas. Analytics software can track your merchandise, seeing what people look through, buy, and touch. You can use that information to rearrange your products or redirect customers.

Video analytics software can also be used to alert intruders. If a camera has speakers mounted on it, you can use it to scare off trespassers and loiterers through remote viewing by playing an automated response. This automated response can be set to trigger when a certain rule has been triggered such as certain individuals loitering. This feature has been instrumental in helping property managers, warehouse safety professionals, parking lot security personal. Video analytics has cut down costs and manpower required for viewing all of the footage manually. You have probably seen cameras with this type of software in them in certain malls that you have visited, those malls have tracked individuals to see where they are going to and track certain other individuals.

Reasons Why Guest Posting is important in Inbound Marketing Strategy

Guest blogging is the most beneficial things that every blogger should practice these days.

Importance of Guest Blogging has shown up many benefits and in time along being passed, this has been clearly proven that guest blogging is the best technique for being famous and making your name in the online world with giving least time and least efforts and doing no investment at all.

Guest Blogging is easy but is tough as well at the same time, it’s easy because you need to spend very less time on this and results are more big and beneficial as compared the overall investment but as said, at same time, it’s tough, because you will always have to look more new topics and write in the way that readers should find interest in reading and lastly, you will need to have lots of patience as result are simply awesome but little slow.

If you are a guest blogger or planning to become so, then don’t think much and opt for it as soon as you can as you are going get a great name and fame soon.

Dealing With Pedestrian Problems And Accident

Walking on pedestrian will never get you close to a safe place. There are fast and moving vehicles you won't know they are coming next to you. According to the Federal Highway Administration, increasing pedestrian safety is important by adding precaution signs to notify people. We are lead by example.  Staying focus is a reminder for both drivers and pedestrian. Like what others say, accidents are everywhere. Hence, distraction is around us. Yes, we will never win in combating with disturbance. But, the best we can do is to keep our eye and ears focus while driving. For the pedestrian, following the rules of the road has a big factor in dealing with the potential accident. Mental alertness can save us when walking alone. You can easily expect what will happen when you stay on lane while the traffic sign tells you the vehicle to stop. Drivers have the responsibility not to entertain distraction to avoid an accident.

13 safest countries in South America

This infographic ranks 13 countries in South America by their safety score.
The safety score was calculated based on police reports and statistics including: stolen vehicles, religion and race tolerance, drugs, violent crimes, bribery, mugging and more.
The data provided in this infographic is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as travel-specific advice for each individual.

In the list of countries in South America you'll find Venezuela, Colombia, Guyana, Brazil, Suriname, Peru, French Guiana, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile.

South America has a reputation of being not very safe for tourists and although somewhat true, still many tourists visit every year with no problems whatsoever.
It's important to note, that incidents involving tourists are usually rare.

Be sure to visit the countries which score higher on this list and avoid any countries currently having a "do not travel" status from your country's government travel advisory.

Enjoy South America!

How to Save for Buying Your First Home?

Buying your first home is a crucial decision; it is thrilling and exhausting as well. Here Kohinoor shares the best money saving techniques so that home buying the experience will become a great deal in your life

Ways to save for buying your first home

  1. Invest in growth opportunities – Start investing earlier in SIPs, ELSS, Equity-based Mutual funds and more options which will give you good returns.
  2. Move into an affordable rented house- Cost cutting and sharing the load can save a considerable amount
  3. Minimize on luxuries – Try to reduce the expenses by avoiding expensive gyms and un-necessary purchasing jewellery items etc.
  4. Trim Additional expenses – Start with small savings like cheap memberships, buying discounted products etc.
  5. Earn more money – Identify more earning options like freelancing, working on weekends or joining part-time jobs.

But while doing all this, don't cut down on necessities!

Avoid restaurants, exotic vacations, and big brands in short a lavish lifestyle. But don't cut down on healthy food, clean clothes, hygiene and healthy and active living. As a substitute, eat at home-made food, buy products in the discount and use gardens and open spaces for a revitalized healthy life.

What is Inbound Marketing

With the continually rising reliance on the internet came the possibility of marketing to large internet populations and increasing business opportunities even for growing companies without needing to broadcast their services. Inbound marketing flourishes today as netizens search online for the services they need.
Inbound marketing requires a website for your company since no one will find you without it, besides the locals. Because netizens will be looking for the services that you offer, you’ll need to land on the first pages of the search results page.

The problematic thing about inbound marketing is that there are already other companies present on the web and so it’s difficult to get to the first page even after years of marketing. People tend to trust the first page of the search results, which increases traffic to the websites found there.

Inbound marketing may seem complicated, but it is advantageous. The two primary ways to land on the first page are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

SEO improves on the contents of the website to meet the demands of Google’s search algorithm. Google developed its algorithms to provide customer satisfaction by giving the most relevant search results on the first pages.

PPC means paying Google to put the site on the top of the first page while leaving a telltale ad sign beside the result.

To learn more about the difference between SEO and PPC and more regarding inbound marketing, check out Landau Consulting's infographic.

Top tips for Combating Condensation in the Home

If you are noticing signs of condensation such as water collecting on windows or black mould growing on walls then the following hints and tips will reduce condensation levels in your property:

  • Ventilate your property by opening your windows on a daily basis to allow moist air to escape.
  • When using the kitchen or bathroom, keep the door closed and window open if possible.
  • Maintain a gap between walls and furniture, particularly against ‘cold walls'.
  • Allow ventilation of cupboards where possible.
  • Dry wet washing outside. When this is not possible, dry them in a closed room with the window open.
  • If using a tumble dryer, make sure the vent pipe runs outside your property or out a window. 
  • Cover all pots and pans while cooking and avoid leaving anything on the boil for too long.
  • Ensure airways in your property are not blocked, this includes air bricks, drip vents and chimneys.
  • Maintain a constant temperature in your property, especially in the winter.

These tips will reduce the levels of condensation in your property. If your condensation problem has turned into an extreme black mould problem you may need to consider a more professional approach to combating condensation.

How to help your grandchildren through exam season

Working towards exams can stir up a range of emotions for young people. Feeling nervous about exams can have a knock-on effect on someone’s health; both mentally and physically.

That’s why Companion Stairlifts, one the biggest manufacturers and installers of stairlifts in the UK, has created this infographic which aims to give grandparents advice on helping their grandchildren during the exam season.

This infographic gives some helpful tips and advice on how to make exams less stressful.

The accompanying article includes comments from health experts and tips from bloggers on how grandparents can support their grandchildren during their exams.