Software Deployment Checklist for Businesses

As customers, we don't care what happens behind the scenes. We just want products that can solve our problems without requiring any configuration on our part. That's why Apple is such a popular brand—they take away all the unnecessary options that will just overwhelm the average consumer and configure their iPhones in a way that it works optimally out-of-the-box.

So when you need to snap a photo, you can do it with one tap. Need to take notes? One tap.

But for app developers, creating a simple product or app is not as simple. You need to have a documented process that clearly describes each step—from planning to deployment and testing, even maintenance—so your team can spend less time squashing bugs and more time improving the software.

Check out the Software Deployment Checklist for Businesses below for a more in-depth look at the five phases of software deployment for businesses.

Steps To Take When You Receive An Auto Recall Notice

Receiving an auto recall notice through the mail can be alarming. Recall’s can range in complexity.  They can be something as simple as an incorrect label, or something as serious as a defective part that may lead to fires, crashes, and undoubtedly, serious injuries. A recall is issued when it has been determined that a vehicle, equipment, car seat, or tire creates an unreasonable safety risk failing to meet the minimum safety standards. It is important to read the notice in its entirety, to ensure that the recall doesn’t pose an immediate danger to the driver or other motorists on the road.

No matter the reason for a recall, car owners should make the time to get the recalls repaired. An outstanding auto recall can lead to a crash resulting in permanent or life-altering injuries. We have provided 5 steps to help guide car owners through the recall process stress-free.

The Real Cost of Bad Data (And How to Cleanse It)

"Big data is a real game changer for both your company and your customers. In your customers’ point of view, giving their personal information is acceptable as long as you use it only for future promotional purposes that are relevant to their interests and lifestyle.

Customers also see it as a convenient way to find out updates or offers from your company when you’re able to integrate key personal data across different communication channels.

On your part, customer data gives you a lot of opportunities to know who your customers are, what their needs or problems are, what their shopping preferences are, and so many aspects about their customer persona. In turn, this helps improve the quality and timeliness of your marketing campaigns.
Considering the many insights that you could get from customer data, it’s only right that you have good data at hand. Without a reliable set of data, you’re only compromising the goals and plans of your company.

Check out our infographic to help you avoid the repercussions of using bad data.

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What Are The Most Car Owners Need To Buy

Purchasing a vehicle is not a one-time shopping spree. Car owners should have regular car maintenance is the next thing you do to have a safe ride and save money for future repair.  But, some of the car owners, do not agree on preventive car maintenance or do their do-it-yourself routine. By following the scheduled maintenance, you are preventing the possible problems you will encounter.  In the infographic, you will discover the proper way of car maintenance to keep the family safe on the road. Getting guided on the owner's manual is valuable. You need to read the sets of information about the vehicle. The manual is a safety handbook to use when you are about to schedule for the first preventive car maintenance such as change oils, filters, brakes, and engine works. You should need to follow the car distance milestone for specific routine maintenance for the vehicle. You should remember these are guidelines you must follow for a safe ride in the future.

The Major Golf Rule Changes 2019 Summary

In this infographic, we have explained all the key USGA golf rule changes in 2019 significantly. The U.S. Golf Association and R&A’s first major rewrite of the principles of Golf at intervals the past thirty 5 years contains a heap of heads spinning. tho' the game will still be upset a club and ball, just about everything else we’ve celebrated for the past three decades was prey for a modification. Anyone United Nations agency could also be a tournament player, member, avid participant or rules geek has some checking out ahead before the new Rules of Golf implementation started on 1st Jan 2019.

The last major revision to the principles of Golf was accomplished in 1984. The project was initiated and semiconductor diode by William J. Williams Jr., United Nations agency served as USGA president from 1984 to 1986. At the time it had been looked on as a significant revision, and whereas it had been vital thanks to its collaboration with the R&A, it had been heaps of of a reorganization than revision and encircled only a pair of major changes.

For the committee that was intentional in 2012 and tasked with delivery the principles of Golf into the twenty 1st century, a significant concern became clear: the principles were too troublesome, generally arduous to hunt out at intervals the buildup and not regularly clear to most golfers. the face line: the principles of Golf area unit troublesome. With a book that contains several rules along with 500-plus pages of alternatives, it had been clear that a thoughtful look from a replacement perspective would be in everyone’s best interest.

A DIY guide to removing toilet mold

Mold usually appears in places we most expect such as behind drywall, on carpets, wooden furniture, basements and attics. But toilets often fall victim to this terrible fungi from time to time as well. The most common causes of toilet mold is high levels of bathroom humidity, toilet leaks, very long periods of stagnant water in the bowl and tank and sometimes even irregular cleaning.

This can easily be prevented by installing an extractor fan in the bathroom to help remove excessive amounts of humidity during baths and showers. Also, be sure to fix any leaks. Common places that can leak is the washer underneath the tank and the water inlet valve. Leaving water stagnant in the bowl and tank for really long periods of time also causes mold formation - a common problem with mostly unused facilities such as guest toilets. This can easily be solved by flushing the toilet once weekly to replace the water.

If you already have a moldy toilet then take a look at this infographic as it explains how to effectively remove mold from places such as the toilet tank, base, bowl and seat.

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Songwriting Competitions to participate in 2019

There are several songwriting competitions held all around the world every year. In this infographic you can find 23 interesting song contest you can participate in 2019. Many of these songwriting competitions are open for everyone including international attendees and some are only for amateur musicians or young songwriters. Many of songwriting competitions take fee for per one song which is usually around 35$. There are also a few contests that are completely free of entry. Songwriting competitions are fun way to test your songs thought the outcome is not the only truth.

These competitions usually give away prizes for the winners which are studio time, recording equipment and ever cash. The most valuable prize what you can get from songwriting competitions is probably feedback from music industry professionals. It may hard to get constructive critique for your songs if you don't have connections already so songwriting competitions are a good option for that. This infographic is produced by Ghosts Welcome by Ari - The Songwriting Blog.

How Distraction Changed The Life Of A Driver

A road is a busy place where drivers and their vehicles are traveling. It requires focus, full attention, and right skills when driving. Safety of the passengers is the priority.  In this infographic, we can prevent distraction when keeping our eyes on the road. By this illustration, it indicated the common causes of distracted driving like; talking someone over the phone, texting, eating or drinking, arguing inside the car, and lost of thoughts while driving. A simple distraction can cause trouble. If you were the driver, you should stop when you need to call or text with someone or fidding with the stereo.  Ask for someone to do the job for you. Any multitask work can take away your focus on driving.  The more you become cautious about the road, the less you commit accident. Distraction diverts our attention easily but keeping away our habit is a simple gesture of doing the right thing.
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Foods That Are Toxic For Dogs

Most people understand that chocolate is not ok for dogs, however did you realize that garlic is not either? Here we present you with the top ten most harmful foods for dogs. What you relish as a tasty meal might really be quite toxic to your pet. Learn what foods are dangerous to dogs and what will happen if they eat them.  Dogs generally  eat something they see and they don't know what can and cannot harm them. That could be a downside as a result of their "eat anything" attitude.   A number of these harmful foods will cause major unwellness and could cause stomach upset, gastritis, pancreatitis and even a trip to the vet!  It's necessary to be most aware around the holidays, when family is visiting and feeding your pets all kinds of table scraps.   Make sure you are ready if you have a four legged pet friend living in your house.

The Reason Why We Need Vehicle Insurance Claims

The infographic below will briefly understand about vehicle insurance claims. The purpose of having this is making our driving more convenient. You can check here if you are having trouble in getting your own vehicle insurance claims and see the benefits if you have it. In Virginia, the law requires the driver to purchase a car insurance separately or pay the state for any unsafe driving and uninsured. The statistics show there is an estimate of 10% of drivers are driving without insurance with them. If any accident may happen on the road, it's important to have insurance claims to compensate the person for an accident. The uninsured driver can suffer from the risk of driving with an insurance claim. You will be having several options for the compensate the faulty driver. If an accident occurs, it'll consume much time visiting the court and drag other parties to make a deal for you and look who is liable for the accident.

Which Eyelash Extension Style Suits Your Natural Eye Shape?

Eyelash extensions can be amazing and create a naturally flawless look without the help of makeup or mascara... but they can also look horrible, be painful, fall out far too early wasting your hard earned money, or a whole host of other things that can make your lash experience a bad one.

The most important thing is to be able to find a great salon from your very first set of extensions.

In this infographic, you can learn the four major ways corners can be cut, and the result that the client could expect at those salons. Mainly we're talking about using untrained technician (the biggest red flag), followed by using beginner glues and choosing extensions that aren't suitable for the natural lash which can cause damage that takes months to fully recover from.

Then we describe what you can expect at a great salon, and more importantly, how to find them!

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Effective Understanding About The Dangerous Medical Mistakes

How well you know the doctor and hospital where you commonly visit? Of course, they are the most trusted people you will seek advice for the medical condition. There is no doubt, they provide our health care needs. However, the shocking truth about medical mistakes is dangerous. It can kill a person without their notice.

There is no mystery unfolds the medical mistakes but an error that can change the doctor's reputation in an instance. Is it the medicine or the practice itself can kill the patient? Mistakes are human nature but no one deserves to be a victim of medical malpractice.

The infographic below will show us the understanding of the danger of medical mistakes in the hospital. You are guided what to do if the mistakes encounter. The Champion Firm, P.C in Atlanta is here to help you. You must capture the evidence of a medical mistake. Rest assured we can assist you.