71 Free Online Courses and Tutorials You Haven’t Tried Before

Web-based learning is becoming a huge part of today’s educational setting. Courses and tutorials taken online offer abilities that never existed before in a classroom setting. With technology our communication has evolved, so the same is to be said for how we learn. Even classes held in person are integrating eLearning for a blended and enhanced educational experience.

To obtain, retain and use information is imperative for success in a variety of careers and areas of life. But you don’t have to pay large fees or travel to physical classrooms anymore. You can access the information you need and the knowledge you seek directly on your computer. Elearning (electronic learning) includes cell phones as well. Even developing countries are using mobile phones to further their education and community progress.

It is possible for everyone to pass an online course in any possible field. Internet tutorials give students the ability to set their own pace and their schedule. With better time management, comes increased productivity. And with increased productivity comes better retention of materials. Elearning leads to an overall enhanced learning atmosphere and makes it possible for anyone to learn what he or she may need.

This infographic from breaks down 71 online tutorials you (probably) haven’t tried before. There are 7 categories to choose from and each one includes a list of courses. These courses are clickable and will take you directly to the website of your chosen topic. Included categories are: programming and design, business and marketing, humanities and social sciences, math and physical science, life sciences and health, personal development and lifestyle.

Before starting a course, make sure to research your desired area of study. There is a computer monitor pictured at the top of this infographic.  Icons fill the screen and each includes clickable links to educational websites not listed within the graphic. Be sure to find what fits your individual requirements and to identify your own strengths and weaknesses. This will prevent wasted time and absorbing non-useful information.

Once you have researched your topic, you can begin exploring the available options. Let’s say you want to reach a weight loss goal or to lose weight to improve serious health risks. You would want to first scroll to the life sciences and health category. The list of offered courses references both a nutrition course and a specific weight loss course. For best results, you may want to take both tutorials. Or sample each to discover which one suits your personal learning style and desires.

It’s up to you to motivate yourself and it’s up to you to educate yourself. In the world today eLearning is providing endless opportunities in college education, career building and overall lifetime satisfaction. But nobody is holding your hand. Learning online teaches responsibility and respect for your own education. Set goals and reach them with the ability to choose how you learn. And always follow through and stay organized for optimum results.

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