Build Energy Saving Home for Better Efficiency

This is a very helpful infographic on why should we build an energy saving home, how can we accomplish this plan and who are there to help us to reach our goal.

First of all, it provides us the basic facts why do we need a home that can save energy. The simple and straightforward answer to this question is, for better efficiency. But this infographic doesn't leave us there, rather it delivers the four most practical logics why like, to protect the environment, save money, increase the resale value and make your home cosy.

Then it explains a standard home energy rating system determined by Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). It describes their energy rating scale (0-10) as per thermal efficiency. The energy consumption statistics of Australia’s different states and territories helps to get an idea of energy use in Australia.

The next phase of the infographic is really important. It shows you what fundamental parameters can turn your home into an energy-saving one such as the orientation of the windows, efficient lighting or LED lighting, insulation and solar panel.

Last but not least, the infographic interprets the necessity of an experienced and accredited home energy rating assessor in this whole process of building an energy-saving home for better efficiency. And how we can get an accurate energy rating report by professional energy rating consultants.

If we follow the infographic, we'll be one step closer to our sustainable development goals.

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