Art as A Marketing Strategy for Hotels

Despite the many revolutionary advancements in technology that civilization has seen for decades, it remains that word-of-mouth is one of the best, most powerful, and effective marketing strategies for any business in any industry. People love to talk about anything and everything under the sun – it’s a proven fact and we live in it everyday. Word of mouth is a kind of marketing that, not only is cost-effective for businesses as the customers are marketing for them instead, but is also regarded as one of the most reliable by other customers. Nothing beats being recommended by other customers towards a product or service they swear by.

This is why businesses strive hard to provide products, services, and customer experience that will get the market talking about them in a positive light. For hotels, this has always depended on the kind of service that the customers experienced while staying with them, plus a few perks that come with the establishment, such as amenities.

Nowadays, however, hotels with interesting art displays, thought-provoking pieces, and controversial works are generating buzz in the market. They create intrigue in curiosity in the hotel occupants, and they become the talk of the town, which is driving more and more people to their doorstep.

Learn more about how art has now become a fundamental element of hotel design for marketing strategy in this infographic by Accent Art and Frame
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