Non-Hospital Jobs for Nurses

The nursing shortage is bigger than one might think, and it extends into occupations that are outside of the hospitals you might not normally think of when considering career options that relate to nursing. Registered Nurses (RNs) continue to find themselves in high demand throughout the industry for many different positions. Some potential titles include Clinical Research Nurse, Traveling Nurse, Informatics Nurse, Consulting and Self-Employment, Occupational Nurse, Nurse Educator, as well as many more in other industries. These career paths offer exceptional annual income. There continues to be more demand than the labor force can satisfy, and this shortage doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Professionals continue to forecast an increasing nursing shortage and demand for RNs in many industries. It’s no wonder there is so much demand for RNs, even outside of the hospital. Find out more about non-hospital nursing jobs by reviewing this infographic. For information on how to to become an RN through Duquesne University's online nursing degree programs.

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