Questrade - So you want to get into the stock market...

This infographic contains some of the advantages of Questrade, Canada's largest and fastest growing online stock broker. Gone are the days where the only option available was high-cost, big-bank trading platforms. Far better options exist that now save people money, help them learn more, and give them the opportunity to better their returns. Questrade is at the forefront of this movement and it is our mission to spread the message. Their advantages include a wide array of learning tools and peer-to-peer communication platforms available to even non-members. Also some of the cheapest trading commissions in the industry and without sacrificing in other areas such as customer support. This infographic should aid in helping those already in the market, and also those who are still trying to make that first jump. Self-guided investment is a very attainable achievement these days and we want to share that message with as many people as possible.

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