9 Team Roles to Maximise Your Projects' Success

Before a project can even begin, project managers have the responsibility of forming the best team. According to Meredith Belbin, a renowned management theorist, the most successful projects are comprised of nine team roles.

The common thread between successful projects is that all team roles are interdependent and complementary, and Belbin identified nine recurring roles throughout his research. These can be split into three categories: thought-oriented, action-oriented, and people-oriented.

The thought-oriented roles are the plant, the monitor evaluator, and the specialist. The action-oriented roles include the shaper, the implementer, and the completer finisher. Finally, the people-oriented roles are the coordinator, the resource investigator, and the team worker.

Market Inspector UK created an infographic that illustrates these nine roles, and their respective strengths and allowable weaknesses.

Not all projects, however, must have nine people, as one individual can usually identify themselves with 2-3 roles. What is key is that the team is balanced, and that everyone's skills and traits are complementary.

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