SMS Metrics You Need to Measure

Modern marketing is a mix of strategies and methods that are tailored to each specific business and brand. Most of these methods are internet-based, such as social media and email marketing, that help businesses establish brand awareness and connect with target consumers on a more personal level.

Aside from internet-based strategies, SMS marketing provides a unique yet effective way for businesses to create relationships with its target market without selling anything to them. In fact, a few startups have already been using SMS marketing to solidify customer loyalty, which has a 45% response rate compared to email which has a measly 6% response rate. This proves that SMS marketing works in the digital age, despite the common misconception that it’s “old tech.”

For business owners who want to get started on SMS marketing, the infographic below presents five metrics to keep track of when running an SMS campaign. Measuring response rates, for instance, allows you to optimize your CTA, which increases the chance of your brand having a more positive impression on your target audience.

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