Health & Wellness – Live well and stay happy !

Health is that the absence of sickness, injury or illness.Wellness is far over the absence of illness; it's health-promoting behaviors to realize your full potential. In different words, Eudaemonia is that the pursuit of your absolute best health and well-being. it's a acutely aware selection, self directed and self motivating.There are totally different “models” of the elements creating up Eudaemonia and well-being. as an example,

• Intellectual
• Emotional
• Occupational
• Physical
• Safety
• Self-Care
• Sexuality
• Social
• Spiritual
Health is outlined because the overall mental and physical state of a person; the absence of sickness.This isn't entirely constant issue as well-being. well-being refers to the state of being in optimum mental and physical health.But well-being is over that. It's concerning living a life choked with personal responsibility and so taking proactive steps for one's entire well-being.This means that an individual living life okay controls risk factors that may hurt them. Risk factors are differing types of actions or conditions that increase somebody's probabilities for health problem or injury.

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