Biggest Challenges Facing Property Management Pros

One hundred property management professionals were surveyed to understand their biggest challenges. The survey included professionals up and down the organizational hierarchy, from property manager to president.

There were over 13 challenges participants could choose from. Overwhelming, with almost a 2 to 1 margin, the biggest challenge was ""hiring and maintaining quality staff."" The infographic outlines the top 5 challenges and the difficulty to solve these problems.

Unicom decided to complete this survey because it accomplished two goals; one, to better understand a major industry we serve, and two, provide valuable insight to our customers. We used LinkedIn, email, and other social networks to obtain participants.

To entice people to complete the survey, we offered a single winner chosen at random, a $200 Amazon gift card and $300 dollars to the charity of their choice. The winner selected St. Jude’s Medical Hospital.

This was our first survey and next year we plan to make it bigger, with 1000 participants.

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