How to Stop These 16 Biases That Can Influence Your Hiring Decision

Diversity and inclusion is the current trend in the recruitment industry. Employees of different companies have expressed their thoughts about how their own companies lack intellectual and experiential depth.

Based on a recent McKinsey research, companies who are racially and ethnically diverse outperform the non-racially and ethnically diverse companies. They are more likely to perform better in terms of financial returns above industry standards at 35%.

Moreover, companies that recognize and acknowledge gender diversity also show better numbers when it comes to financial returns at 15%. Basically, the effects of their recruitment efforts to be more diverse and inclusive are showing up on the stat sheet.

They are now more aware of its benefits and how important it is to the overall performance and growth of the company. In this infographic by ThisWay Global, know how to stop biases that influence your hiring process, and be on your way to a more welcoming company.

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