Top 5 picks of 2017! The best cars of the year

Owing to dynamic features and excellent usability, cars have become part and parcel of our lives in the modern age. One of the biggest advantages we get with cars is that we can move from one place to another without getting affected by inclemency of weather. Imagine if you had to attend a meeting or a party and you don’t have a car of your own. In that case, you would be bound to travel by bus or train but the journey will spoil your personality. Taking the user-response into account, we have selected 5 best cars of 2017. The criteria to choose the top 5 cars are not just engine-power and car’s appearance. Several other things have been taken into consideration such as road tests, reliability, driving experience and safety. These are the qualities considered most important by car drivers whenever they cast a glance at a car. This infographic will provide you with all the pertinent information and features of top 5 cars of the year.

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