Free data visualization tools

Today in the internet network we find several tools that allow us to visualize the data in a clear and more effective way, than if we only present them in a traditional way.

We give you Top 7 Free data visualization tools for free download or you can buy it. It mainly requires knowledge of statistics, color theory, graphic composition, narrative or story-telling.

A good result depends not only on the use of the tool that best suits the requirements but also on the data cleaning and analysis capabilities of the same.

Although each tool has its own characteristics, they usually work under the logic of importing the data, choosing the display options and then publish it.

Today's best-known tools make sure they can be used without programming knowledge and that the graphics output are already optimized for mobile and can be shared immediately on social networks.

They also offer free versions and user communities to share tips and best practices when using them.

Some recommended tools for displaying data: On several occasions, we have compiled several tools to create infographics. This time we show you the list of top 7 free data visualization tools:

1. Google Fusion Tables

Google Fusion Tables tool is widely used by The Guardian to produce maps in a fast and detailed way. According to Data blog, Google Fusion Tables can store up to 100MB of data.

 At first it may seem complicated, but it is only practical. This is an experimental app from Google.

Perhaps its interface is not the most attractive but it is powerful because it is designed to handle gigantic amounts of data.

It generates detailed maps, graphs very quickly and collaboratively through Google Drive.

It is an experimental Google application so it does not have an attractive interface but in compensation, allows you to handle large amounts of data.

 It present them by foot charts, bar charts, scatter diagrams, timelines and even geographic maps through Google service Maps.

Google had to have developed its own data visualization tool. This is one of his most recent laboratory experiments.

To start with Fusion Tables, you only need a Google account and time to play with the data! This tool allows you to openly share data and build custom visualization graphics.

2. Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a free tool, although there is also a paid version. With Tableau Public you can create interactive maps, bar charts, cakes, etc.

The good thing is that you can import Excel tables to make your work easier.  It is one of the most popular free tools for displaying data interactively.

The graphics you cast are optimized to look and work well on mobile phones, tablets and computers. Their website includes video tutorials and live sessions with Tableau experts to learn how to use the tool.

It is one of the most popular free tools because, in addition to being fast and simple, the graphics that are obtained are optimized to work and can be seen on mobile and tablets.

Its operation is very intuitive and allows to show different representations in the same dashboard and to add extra information through the insertion of documents or web pages. You can download this tool from internet.

3. Google spreadsheets pictures

You can find this tool as part of Google Docs. The Guardian newspaper stresses that you should not worry about the code, as it is as easy as creating a chart in Excel. You will notice that you can customize the colors if you explore the site.

4. Many Eyes

With Many Eyes, we can create interactive and very attractive visualizations with a wide range of visualization options: network diagrams, matrix diagrams, bar graphs, histograms, bubble charts, line graphs, stacked graphs, pie charts, trees Word cloud, tag cloud and word cloud generator.

It is very similar to Tableau. Its creators are working with Google to improve the tool, color palettes and visualizations. Note that once you publish your design you will not be able to edit the date.

It has many customization options and you can share your own creations. One of the most famous examples where you can see the potential of this tool is the speech of man on the tree and word cloud.

5. Color Brewer

Ideal for creating maps in which you want to highlight data with colors. It is worth exploring this tool. If you use maps in the classroom, Color Brewer is an online tool designed to help people select good color combinations for maps and other graphics. Not strictly a viewing tool, Color Brewer serves to choose map colors.

6. Chartsbin
If you wish to use a map for your infographics, this can be the best tool. Chartsbin could be a geographic information visualization tool that permits any user to come up with interactive visualizations with their own information. On your page you'll additionally check the work of other users.

7. Geocommons

With this tool, you can create interactive maps. It will not only show you countries, but regions. The Huffington Post and The Atlantic use this resource. You can view data from different sources.

These top 7 free data visualization tools can help your online business grow. Download this free tool to design graphics and visualizations. If you have no previous experience in graphics, these tools can help you better with design.  

With the advancement of technology and the increase in the capacity to collect data, visualization is increasingly taking on a leading role in the analysis process.

In the last few years, digital tools have emerged that are easy to use and easy to understand. Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages. To choose the one that suits us best we must always keep in mind that we want to communicate, the medium and the audience. 
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