The Best and the Worst Student Habits

Are you the master of your habits? Or maybe you let them rule you?

It’s okay to have habits. We all have them. People like habitual experiences because they give them the comforting sense of stability. It’s why they love that cup of hot coffee in the morning and that ice-cream in the evening.

But some habits can be distorting to your idea of success. As a student, you’re supposed to have good habits that help you organize your day in the perfect way possible. Unfortunately, you tend to fall for the bad habits quite frequently.

You’re ready to change that, aren’t you? You’re ready to start developing good habits that will help you graduate with great success. You can do that; you just need some guidance.

Speaking of guidance, this WizEssay infographic is a good start. It informs you about the most common good and bad habits of students.

Youthful Skin by Essential Oils

We all want healthy and radiant skin. But in today's age getting right and natural skin care is difficult. Essential oils are one of best skin-care product currently. They are 100% natural and extremely effective. We have described three essential oils along with their properties useful as skin-care product.

Lavender oil helps in skin regeneration and improves healing process. You can use it along with tea tree oil, which maintains collagen in skin. Thus it prevents skin-aging and reduces wrinkles. Third oil, Frankincense oil is skin tonic. Because it protects skin cells and maintains elasticity in skin. Therefore, lifting skin health naturally. You should always use only pure essential oils from reputed brands like Droplet Care.

6 key ingredients to entrepreneurial success

There are an estimated 400 million entrepreneurs around the world, and many people in the working world dream about starting their own companies  But owning your own business is far from easy. In fact, 20% of new companies fail in their first year; and only 50% of new companies survive through their fifth year.

6 key ingredients:

1. Location - Hint: the USA takes the #1 spot on the list
2. Time - Most entrepreneurs work over 40 hours per week!
3. Stress Management
4. Marketing, Sales and Networking Abilities
5. Money
6. Belief in yourself and your business

Other important characteristics include: 

Organisation skills
Coordination skills

This infographic from Smarter Business explains each of the 6 ingredients and can help you along your way to a successful entrepreneurial career. Here's what it takes to move away from the 9-5 and become your own boss.

15 Best Practices for First Call Resolution by Freshdesk

Industry in America today has largely transitioned into the service sector.

Providing a positive customer experience is the name of the game when it comes to running a business.

It's no surprise that quality customer service is one of the most important factors when determining customer satisfaction.

Ensuring customers are happy is certainly on the agenda when it comes to running a succesful business.

There is a sure-fire way to measure the quality of the interaction, and the metric to look at is First Call Resolution (or FCR).

Surprisingly, it only takes, “1% improvement in FCR can bring in $276,000 per year in operational savings each year""

Review this infographic for the 15 best practices to ensure first call resolution and a pleasant customer experience.

How to Detect Hidden Spy App on Your Cell Phone

Your cell phone is vulnerable to spyware infection. It may happen if you download a malicious application from an unknown source, or if someone who has access to your phone may install it. All it takes is five minutes to install a spyware on your phone. Once installed the spyware can track your movement, photos, call records and text messages and pass it on to the third party. Since the app is hidden, it is hard to find them. Browse the below Infographic from Family Orbit, to learn how to identify the signs of spyware infection and what to do if one is discovered.

The 15 Best Technical SEO Tools Every Webmaster Should Know!

There is a plethora of tools which a company can use in order to enhance its search rankings through efficient optimization of its websites. One of these tools is Screaming Frog using which you can find out basic things which you have missed out such as images with big files, errors in response codes, canonicals, and URLs.

Google Search Console has undergone many updates and enhancements in recent years to emerge as the best tool for SEO reporting.

Google Analytics is a free tool using which you can find out details on major aspects related to SEO such as penalties, issues related to traffic etc.

Web Developer Toolbar is available as browser available for Chrome as well as Firefox. Using it, you can find out different types of code related problems, like the ones which are related to the implementation of JavaScript, problems with images, alt texts, meta tags etc.

Does Your College Have The Best Women's Soccer Players?

Over the past four years, eight colleges have accounted for 27% of the top women’s soccer players, all of them Div. I colleges.

Indeed, under one-fourth of states actually have the most elite of women's soccer players. Stanford leads the way with 21 top 100 rankings and Florida State and Penn State are tied for second. Where does your favorite college stand?  This map shows the schools with the greatest percentage shares of top women's soccer players. Our list includes the regular season of 2015-2017. It also includes the 2018 preseason rankings from the week of Aug. 20. How does your college stand up to the competition? If you're from California, it looks like you're in luck! Over thirty players alone come from various colleges located in the Golden State. Stanford alone has produced a top two player every single year in the past three years. It must be something in the water down there!
Infographic Source:

7 Ways You Can Make Outdoor Activities Fun for Your Kids

The presence of smart devices in today’s modern household has made outdoor play a little less exciting for the young ones. It’s sad to think so, too—kids can get a lot of benefits from playing outside! Parks,
playgrounds, and even your backyard are all great places to exercise your child’s imagination, develop their social skills, and sharpen their focus.

Show your kids the marvel of having fun outside. If you need awesome ideas to convince your kids to get off the couch and out in the day, here are seven fun things you can try. See more fun ideas by viewing
the original infographic here.

Flooring Options: The Pros & Cons

Sustainability, price, style and ease of maintenance are the top criteria when it comes to choosing the best flooring options for your home or commercial property. We compare Luxury Vinyl Tile, Laminate & Engineered Wood and examine the pros and cons of each to make your decision making process that little bit easier.

Still unsure as to whether LVT is the right option for your home or commercial property? Wondering whether vinyl or laminate is better? What about hardwood and stone? Well check out our infographic below where we have listed the pros and cons of each surface. Save time asking friends and family and researching the difference online as we have compared the properties and qualities of each flooring solution so you don’t have to.

For each category, Durability, Maintenance, Cost, Sustainability & Appearance, we have scored the flooring option out of five according to our professional opinions and experiences.