Quick Guide to DSM-5 Criteria

DSM - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual - is a manual that provides a common language for clinicians, patients, and researchers to relay information about symptoms and diagnoses. The fifth edition of the Manual is knowns as DSM-V

The criteria were revised to increase the accuracy of clinical diagnosis and to allow experts to include their inputs on various symptoms seen in individuals they had previously evaluated.

Key Changes in the Criteria:

Introduction of the classification of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Elimination of separate categories under the overarching ASD heading such as Autistic Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, or PDD-NOS.

The ambit of restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities, has now been expanded to include abnormalities in sensory processing.

DSM-V features an efficient way of gathering information on the level of language, IQ, adaptive skills, loss of skills, and other medical issues.

According to the new criteria, the onset of symptoms should be present in the early developmental period.

At Stepping Stones, we emphasize acquiring new and appropriate behaviors while also working on helping the child achieve age appropriate milestones. We utilize evidence-based practices to treat and educate individuals diagnosed across various areas of developmental and learning difficulties.

What to Eat when Trying to Conceive

There are plenty of factors that affect your fertility. Unlike aging and genetics, nutrition is something you can actually control. Some foods may improve your chances of getting pregnant while others can work against you. Foods you eat affect everything about you: your blood cells, insulin levels, blood pressure and your hormones. If your body is deprived of essential nutrients it might not be able to provide the necessary conditions for fetal growth.

Having a balanced diet is crucial for any women trying to get pregnant. But what does it mean? The following infographic describes the why and how different foods might help you get pregnant.  

Hearing loss can affect your medical conditions or disease

Take a proper treatment before your hearing loss affect you medical condition. Early diagnosis of hearing loss is important to the development of speech, language, cognitive, and psychological abilities.if hearing loss is identified ,treatment is mostly successful , preferably within the first month of life. Hearing is a sound because the cause of vibration in the air and transmitted into your ears have detected via inner ear to the auditory nerve. The nerve carries the signals to the brain. This is the process by which you recognize the sound of speech and the day to day noise.

Why early treatment for hearing loss is essential?
Early Treatment for the hearing loss is necessary due to chances of increased problem. If you are getting late for treatment of hearing loss, you could be causing more damage to your hearing or May be permanently damage your hearing. So if you feel any problem in hearing then go to the qualified Audiologist and take the suggestions . May be your Audiologist suggest you to the hearing aid. Sometime the problem of hearing loss is treated by the medicine or surgery. You will have to take care before purchasing the best hearing aids.

Key points before purchasing the Hearing Aids.

1. Compare t he price online.
2. Choose the Hearing Aid according to your need.
3. Check the Battery life.
4. Warranty of Hearing Aid
5. Check the company
6. How do I care for my hearing aids?
7. Which hearing aid style will be best for my hearing loss?
You will have to choose the Hearing Aids according to your need or according to the suggestion of your audiologist. As we know there are three types of hearing loss.

1. Conductive Hearing Loss
2. Sensoneural Hearing Loss
3. Mixed Hearing Loss

Different types of hearing aids are available.

1. BTE (Behind the ear) Hearing Aids
2. CIC (Completely in canal) Hearing Aids
3. RIC (Recevier in canal) Hearing Aids
4. ITC (In the canal) Hearing Aids
5. ITE (In the ear) Hearing Aids
6. Body worn Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids are used according to the Hearing Loss. You can’t use them according to your choice. After determining the type of hearing loss you will have to purchase the hearing aid that is suitable for you.

Better Hearing helps in the following ways.

Relatives, friends, and workmates Improved relationships between there
Improvement of self-respect
Improvement of health
Improved communication

Skills of the Future: 10 Skills You’ll Need to Thrive in 2020

Every generation has seen an industrial revolution that changed the way people during the time lived their lives. From the rise of mass manufacturing in the first industrial revolution to the invention of personal computers that later on gave birth to the Internet, technology has indeed come a long way in transforming society.

Today, millennials and other generations like the baby boomers and Gen Zs are about to experience a new revolution that’s more technological than industrial. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is set to combine different technical fields like artificial intelligence (AI), nanotechnology, and the Internet of Things (IoT), among many others to redefine the role of technology in our day-to-day lives.

Many business industries will be affected by this revolution, and job roles are already starting to get redefined as AI, and smart machines are getting more capable of doing complicated tasks that previously needed human labor. Because of this, professionals need to learn new skills to adapt to the workplace of tomorrow.

This infographic shows ten professional skills that you can learn today to increase your chances of thriving in the workplace in 2020. Mastery of soft skills such as creative thinking, problem-solving, and cognitive flexibility are some of the core competencies of the workers of tomorrow.

21 Free Growth Hacking tools

Growth hacking coined by Sean Ellis has become a popular term in the startup and marketing world. It is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business.

Traditional marketers focus on building overall marketing strategy and team while growth hackers are growth-centric who effectively understand the latest trends and technology going on in the industry to take the right decisions. The main aim of a growth hacker is to completely focus on growth and find out methods to achieve it by applying technical mindset.

For achieving quality results, growth hacking tools are essentially required to empower technical-minded marketers. This exhaustive infographic by Marketing Masala explains in detail 21 growth hacking tools that help in researching quality leads, boosting content marketing, building landing pages, improving your SEO, managing customer engagement and much more. Let’s dive into it and empower yourself.

17 Absolute Reasons to Prefer Study Abroad Over Study in Home Country

Study abroad is a practice to sending our students to some foreign country in order to fill them with wisdom and other valuable skills while contributing towards their conventional studies (regular degrees). And there's nothing new if you think it is, rather this custom is quite a bit old. For instance, an ancient Chinese King sends his son Prince Tai far away from his kingdom to the great master Pan Ku in order to get some education. The king simply could have called the master Pan Ku in his Palace. And could have ordered to stay in the royal residence until the completion of Prince Tai's education. But what makes you think why he didn't do that? The logic behind current day's study abroad programs is just the same. It is to make our youth duly skillful, wise and able to combat the new and worst situation or scenarios after completing their studies. And this infographic helps in identifying the chief areas where study abroad adds a huge value in return and is highly preferable over studying staying in the home country.

10 Things That Matter to Customers and How These Affect Your Business

In today’s market, you aren’t only competing for a well-known branding in the market, but also catching the hearts and minds of your customers.

As customers expect on-demand access, influenced by the changes that transpired over the years, businesses must come up with better strategies while taking into consideration their customers’ purchasing power and influence development.

Exceptional customer service isn’t something unknown to customers, and is indeed, what they deserve. As the competition in the business landscape gets tougher, you must know how to leverage yours above the others. Further, knowing what your customers expect from your business puts you to a level higher than your competitors, so knowing the factors that affect customer purchase decision is the key to a successful business.

Having an in-depth understanding of your customers is the foundation of a successful business. Besides, your customers are the bloodline of your business. Thus, delivering outstanding customer experiences can keep you ahead of the game no matter which industry your business belongs to or what your customers expect from you.

The key takeaway is that it’s all about your customer’s satisfaction and how they are likely to repeat purchase decision from your business. Level up your strategies as Transcosmos gives you an infographic about the ten things that matter to customers and its implications to your business.

10 Filipino Comfort Foods for the Rainy Season

Having served with a hot bowl of our favorite soup in the middle of cold rainy afternoon is perhaps one of the best dining experience we could have. Not only does it piques our taste buds with a tang of savory and flavorful broth, our go-to soup for the rainy days also perfect warms our body, just the way we want it. And this rainy afternoon meal is even more special when we share it with our family.

Good to know, class and work suspensions are expected whenever rainy days arrive. That’s why we can certainly enjoy a bowlful of our favorite rainy day comfort food. And another good news is that there are more than a dozen of recipes, ranging from noodle soups to congee and sweet porridge, that will surely satisfy your cravings and will warm you this cold season.

M2.0 Communications brings you this infographic: 10 Filipino Comfort Foods During Rainy Seasons.
Infographic Source:  http://www.m2comms.com/blog/2017/7/11/10-filipino-comfort-foods-for-the-rainy-season

The Rise of Online Marketing in the Philippines

Social media has become a major influence that affects many business processes such as recruitment and marketing. In the latter’s case, social media is a leverage for businesses to do more than just market their brands to their customers. It has also opened lines of communication that allowed businesses to listen and make a genuine connection with their customers.

One effective way of growing businesses that’s gaining popularity in the Philippines is online marketing. Many thought leaders and digital entrepreneurs are preaching the wonders of online marketing in the local scene, and this trend is creating a workforce that specializes in using the social media to mold marketing into a personalized, engaging way for businesses to reach its current and potential customers.

This infographic gives a primer on online marketing in the Philippines, and why it’s a worthy investment for businesses. It also lists down the advantages of a business using online marketing over traditional methods such as cheaper costs, customizable campaigns, and a clear overview of what works and what doesn’t.

In addition, the different facets of online marketing such as SEO, analytics, and conversion rate optimization make online marketing a competitive edge for local businesses to grow their businesses faster.