The 5 Secrets of Productivity in Logistics

When it comes to improving productivity for many companies, the first solution that people think of usually involves switching to newer, more state-of-the-art systems, infrastructures, and analytics. After all, would a company be able to run twice as fast with machines that take their sweet time producing a product whose quality has been obviously affected by the age of the machine that has made it?

Of course, the technology that an organization uses, especially in logistics, is highly important for ensuring that processes run smoothly and products and services are made with the highest quality in mind, but this would still be a hit and miss when there is no engaged and committed workforce behind the wheel.

The importance of establishing seamless communication within your supply chain with the goal of improving it in the long run cannot be stressed enough. Proper and continuous education and training is essential into making sure that your state-of-the-art systems, logistical infrastructure, and analytics would not be wasted and their full potential can be realized and maximized.

But how do you increase productivity in logistics through this factor? Find out with this infographic by Alba Logistics.
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10 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Worldwide Shipping Industry

Despite its far-reaching impact, few people understand the importance of modern shipping industry on the entirety of global economy. In the past several years, the international trade has struggled to cope with huge challenges brought around by the crash of the financial market in 2008. The resulting issue has not always been dealt with in a positive way, and many shipping companies around the world are still in the ‘recovery mode’ until these days.

That being said, it requires a full understanding of the shipping sector in order to visualize how it impacts the day to day situation of the global market. If you are curious on how big and significant the global shipping industry is, then check out the infographic below provided by our pals in Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics, which details the top ten mind-blowing facts you need to know about the shipping industry.

Make Better Business Decisions – Perform a Detailed Financial Forecast

Planning for every scenario that your business might go through may seem like a tedious overkill for some business owners, but it’s actually a vital part of your strategy to make sure that you’re ready for anything that comes your business’ way. It’s like plotting out the stops and routes that you would take for a road trip – you’ll take into consideration how long the drive is for, what the expected weather conditions are, what you can do to avoid or answer unfortunate accidents like a flat tire or the engine breaking down, and where you can get a quick bite to eat in case you get hungry.

For businesses, this can be accomplished with the help of a financial forecast. While it may be a small part of the larger planning process of an organization, it’s essential in how it shows you where you are currently standing and where you could go from here financially. It also lets you foresee possible future events based on the trends from your past fiscal endeavors, such as sales declines.

Learn about how you can make a detailed financial forecast with this infographic:

Top Qualities You Should Look For In A Great Chauffeur

If you are going on a business trip soon, then you may have already booked a service from a chauffeured car service provider. Most probably, you might have already done your research about the quality of their service and their compliance with various regulations concerning to Duty of Care. While these factors are vital to ensuring a secure business trip, there is one more aspect that could significantly affect your experience: the quality of the chauffeurs.

Many people neglect this area, often thinking that their chosen provider has already done their task of hiring competent drivers. But competence alone is not enough; chauffeurs should also be trained to provide quality customer service in order to make sure that their passengers will feel safe, comfortable, and valued throughout the ride.

To learn more, check out the visual guide below from Hyryde, which discuss the top qualities you should look for in a driver when hiring a chauffeured car service provider.

Hiring An SEO Company? 17 Questions You Should Ask.

Every day we talk to potential clients who have no idea how to hire an SEO company. So they ask standard questions, like:

Will my website be on the first search result?
Will I get ranked in a week?
Is it enough if I do SEO for a month?
How many years of experience do you have?

Starting with these questions is not totally bad but, it will not help you make a good decision.
Hiring an SEO company isn’t as complicated as it seems. You must do some digging, research, and know what to ask.

The SEO company you choose must be trustworthy, and someone you can work with.

Keep in mind that your company’s sales, conversion, and reputation are on the line. They hinge on the performance of the SEO company you choose.

Hire the right people to get the right results.

Before you start your search, print these 17 questions and refer it throughout your search process. 

Android vs. iOS App Development: A Comparison & Decision Guide

Nearly everything today is done using a smartphone—from transportation, entertainment, groceries, traveling, games, businesses, utilities, and more, as the number of apps available continue to increase and have reached a total of 25 billion new downloads this Q1 2017.

In fact, in March 2017, the App Store had 2.2 billion apps available, while Google Play Store had 2.8 million. Meanwhile, instant messaging apps are likely to reach $200 billion in in-app and in-advertising revenues in less than three years. These statistics prove that this is a great time to proceed in developing better and more innovative apps.

As a mobile app developer, you might be wondering which operating system you should develop an app for, Android or iOS? To help you decide between the two, check out the infographic below that shows the similarities and differences between Android and iOS in terms of demographics, devices, and development time, among others.
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Anti-Ageing Essential Oils that You Should Start Using

Are you worried about the signs of premature ageing appearing on your skin? It is truly bothering to see your skin age and mature unexpectedly. There are harsh elements that cause the skin to lose its moisture and youthful glow.

Genetics, lifestyle, sun exposure, harsh environment, chemical and hormonal changes, the products that you are using, and even your facial expressions can all take a toll and bring unwanted skin transformations even at a young age.

But while it may seem like a huge problem that you can’t avoid, there are actually steps that you can take to slow down the process of skin ageing and even avoid the unwanted changes that may occur on your skin.

One of the most effective solutions that can prevent and even reverse the signs of skin ageing is the use of essential oils. And the good news is, there is a wide range of options that you can try to naturally heal your skin imperfections.

In this infographic by Alyaka, an online beauty store in the UK, you will know 15 of the top essential oils that can help you fight the signs of skin ageing.

Why Customer Complaints Are Good For Your Business

Here, I explain to Why Customer Complaints Are Good for Your Business and in the present Internet-driven world, customers have more power than any time in recent memory. In any case, what happens if you neglect to give a positive customer experience? And the appropriate response is necessary. Your customers will complain.

Customer complaint features an issue, regardless of whether that is an issue with your item, representatives or inside procedures, and by hearing these problems specifically from your customers and also you can research and enhance to anticipate complaints later on. So many online companies provided the big help for Customer. Example for online betting from William Hill - the home of betting this company provided best customer services and also the happy customer. Inquire about finds that customers' whose complaints are taken care of rapidly can regularly transform into steadfast customers and even brand advocates.

Complaint Analysis 

Complaint investigation is utilized to track order and handle customer complaints, and there are also questions to ask yourself before you take action, including for this see below.

  1. Has this occurred sometime recently? 
  2. Have the complaints been recorded? 
  3. How regularly does likewise agreeable emerge? 
  4. Has a similar customer announced this beforehand? 

For instance, if a few customers complain about a particular issue and you can utilize their input to enhance your item or administration. Or, on the other hand, on the off chance that you are as of now dealing with a solution that is best.

Most effective Method to Deal with Customer Complaints 

1. Listen and understand 

Continuously tune in to your customers. They have complained for a reason, and it is essential to know why they are protesting. Research has demonstrated that customers think more about quality than a quick reaction and to keep up quality from all help staff, utilize a customer benefit learning base.

2. Find solution 

Now point when your customer has a real complaint and Give your customer benefit group the specialist to deal with the more significant part of customer complaints to abstain from passing your customer onto a progression of individuals and administrators. Roll out the critical improvements, so you don't get another complaint.

3. Catch up with the customer 

Catch up with your customers to ensure they are happy with the solution. This can be as a following email or review requesting input on how the complaint was taken care of.

Customer complaints are significant, and also there's no better approach to gather coordinate criticism from your customers and enhance your item or administration. The way you handle a complaint is the contrast between keeping a customer and losing one. Along these lines, whenever you get a customer complaint, tune in to what the customer needs to state, apologies, discover a solution and follow up to check whether he or she is content with the way you are dealing with it.

Now completed guide for why Customer Complaints Are Good for Your Business and you read this guide very helpful for you.

A Solar Panel's Life after Death

Every sustainable home has at least one solar panel. PV panels help with generating free electricity, living off the grid, and reducing our carbon footprint. At least that is what we think now, as we only install solar panels, without collecting too much solar waste. However, within a few years, solar waste would be a tremendous problem, should solar panels not be recyclable. Fortunately, the technology is available to recycle solar panels of both types: silicon based and thin-film based. Using these technologies, almost all components can be recycled or reused.

 The infographic explores the different processes that businesses use to save solar panels from becoming a burden to the society, and why recycling them will help save the planet as well as boost the economy. The article also includes an interactive map, complementing the infographic, as it breaks it down which countries generate the most solar waste at present as well as how much solar waste is expected from them in the coming decades.