Useful Painting Tips from Experienced Painters

The most important aspect of learning how to paint like a pro is knowing what needs to be done, when, and how. Any seasoned painter will tell you that preparation is more crucial than every other detail of the job. If you get your preparation right, everything else will just fall in line.

To start with, always inspect the surface to be painted. Look out for cracks, flaking or peeling, and get the area sanded or scraped to smoothen it. Where necessary, you should even consider washing the wall to get rid of tough stains.

Next would be to ensure you have all the necessary painting tools. Roller covers, brushes, painter’s tape, sprayer, you name it. Borrow, hire, or purchase your own from reputable dealers in the area. The last thing you need is for your painting job to be affected halfway through the project due to lack of equipment.

For the roller covers, you should know that they are available in different nap sizes. Whichever size you pick depends more on the surface texture. More texture on the walls would require a thicker nap on the roller cover for it to reach into crevices and cover a larger area. Plus, longer naps hold more paint.

While on equipment, you should look for an expert who is able to provide you with an estimate of how much paint will be required to complete the task, so that you can purchase it all at once, and score some major discounts. Plus, it is also convenient to mix all the paint at once and use it for the entire project, rather than having to stop and mix new paint occasionally.

Still on preparation, cover the areas and things you don’t want to be painted. From furniture, floors, doorknobs, and other hardware. Light switches and outlet covers are to be removed if you don’t want them to be stained or glued to the wall by paint.

Now, once you have ascertained everything is available, wait for a dry weather to start painting. This is mainly because the paint will dry faster during this period. However, if you can’t wait or you happen to live in an area where the weather is mostly humid, take advantage of the slow drying to undo any errors.

Always use a separate primer if you are working on a rugged surface, or an area that was last painted more than 8 years ago. The paint-and-primer combination is only ideal for clean and smooth surfaces that happen to get a painting retouch occasionally.

While painting, let the roller do its work. If you picked the right roller cover, there would be no need to apply too much pressure. What you should be more concerned about is finding an extension pole that can reach those high regions using very little effort.

Most Common Roofing Problems and How to Solve Them

Our roof is the sole protector of our house through the harsh weather, and since the roof protects most of the interior of your house, it is also prone to damage which some home owners have the hard time to fix. At some point, the large damages are only repaired, but some are not aware that small roofing problems are to be fixed first, for this causes larger damages that can cost you a fortune. Identifying the problem is the first step and the most crucial part of you as a homeowner. Knowing how to identify a few common problems will let you know whether it’s time to call a professional.

Small roofing problems like, leaky roof, standing water, and improper ventilation are just some of the common roofing problems that homeowners experience. From all the safety measure that we apply when we are just building our homes, remember that the best way to fix a roof is to anticipate the problem before it happens. Find more information about how to solve the most common roofing problems in the infographic below created by All County Exteriors.

Transparency in the Peer Review Process

Getting the manuscript reviewed by experts is an important activity in the publishing cycle. Peer review for independent and bias-free examination of manuscript is crucial in manuscripts journey till publication. This infographic covers important aspects of transparency in peer review. Traditional peer review process has faced a lot of criticism due multiple issues. Over a period of time these issues have been resolved to some extent and various alternative approaches were proposed. Open peer review is changing the traditional approach of the peer review process. This infographic throws light on the transparency of both these approaches with the help of statistical data gathered from researchers. Peer review plays a pivotal role to review your manuscript on the grounds of originality and novelty of the study. Infographic displays opinions and different perspectives of the involved community of researchers, students and authors on various forms of peer review and its evolution in terms of maintaining transparency.

YouTube Channel Art Cheat Sheet 2018

If you’re a YouTube creator, your channel art is one opportunity to convey to viewers what your channel is about - from who are you are to what type of content you create and how often you post. Viewers make decisions in seconds. They’ll decide if they want to explore your channel and watch your videos or click away and watch other content.

Make the most of your YouTube banner. From making sure the font you use works well with a background color. To conveying the type of content you create. Are you a Minecraft gamer? Do you share recipes – and if so, what kind of recipes? Are you a beauty vlogger? If you are – think about what makes you different from other beauty vloggers – can you convey that within a banner?

This Channel Art Cheat Sheet is a guide when designing your channel art/banner. It includes important information on how a banner will appear on different devices. Keep this handy the next time you update your channel art/banner!

5 Fastest Growing Careers That Require a Graduate Degree

For many students, the hardest part about going to graduate school is deciding what career to pursue. While prior experience plays a part, individuals may envision themselves in a variety of careers, and often, job experience may have nothing to do with those aspirations. The other possible deciding factors in choosing a major often include: personal passions, job security, salary and possible career tracks.

To help potential graduate students decide,, the authority graduate school directory on the web, pulled 2016-2026 career outlook data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and created an infographic of the five fastest growing careers that require a graduate degree. These careers are: Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Statisticians, Mathematicians and Genetic Counselors.

While deciding to earn a master’s degree is an often much thought over decision, hopes this infographic can help students and educators show, in a simply put way, which careers have the most growth over the next 8 years.
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Top 20 Amazing Facts about Android

Android is a mobile OS which was originally developed by Android Inc. in 2004 by a 8 members team lead by the founder Andy Rubin. 14 years ago when Samsung rejected Andy Rubin's offer to support Android nobody thought there is a big game changer is coming in the smartphone OS market. After the rejection from Samsung Google came forward to purchase the Android paying $50 million for the OS and that was the most important purchase for Google they ever made for business.

Today Android Controls about 88% of largest smartphone market whereas iOS accounts for 11% and rest of the shares go to other operating systems.

Many people did not know how Android was made, it is exactly developed based on the open source operating system Linux Kernel so it has made an opportunity for individuals to customize Android to bring new innovative features for their stylish living.

Android has been the best-selling operating systems all over the world on smartphones since 2011 and on tablets since 2013. As of May 2017, it has over two billion monthly active users, the largest installed base of any operating system, and as of 2017, the Google Play store features over 3.5 million apps.

There is also a reason that Android devices sell at a lesser price that iOS devices which made it a big difference in availability to rural people in all over the world. 

There is a lot of interesting facts you can learn by visualizing our Infographic which features top 20 amazing facts (known and unknown facts) about android.

Inbound Lead Generation Checklist

Ensuring that all the fundamental aspects of inbound lead generation strictly followed, marketers are always coming up with new strategies that would adapt to the advancement of technology that most consumers rely on today. Using marketing automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to integrate the operations and services of a company should depend on what industry a business is aligned. Studying and planning the sector of activity helps businesses to cope up with the trends and further understand the quality of products through their target customers.

 Every marketing strategy should weigh its validity with how the inbound lead generation relates on how businesses can communicate effectively to consumers. Creating strategies means that creating a plan or a checklist that would complement your goals and objectives. Communication is essential when you are marketing products and services, applying different lists through digital marketing on an inbound lead generation strategy makes the process more accurate and efficient through consumers. Learn more about the various aspects that you should consider gaining more inbound leads on the infographic below created by Digital Marketing Philippines.
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Car Parts Explained

Is your MOT or car service due and worried about the confusing language the garage uses when explaining work that needs to be done? Take a look at the Go Car Credit Car Parts Explained infographic which helps explain some of the key parts to your vehicle. Having a basic understanding of these parts may mean you can spot problems with your car before they get critical and save you money on expensive repairs.

Please Note: This is a generic car diagram, some of same the parts displayed in your car may be situated in a different section than illustrated depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

The next section describes each of the car parts next to a graphic of them, there are also two extra diagrams to show the names of rear and front car lights. These may also differ in shape and style depending on your make and model of car but are there to give a general idea of location.

Top Benefits of Real-Time Tracking for Public Transport

Transportation groups today are adapting to the advancement of technology. And by implementing GPS tracking systems to monitor bus operations and make real-time tracking convenient to commuters who travel daily. Using real-time tracking devices is a good investment for public transportation companies because they are enabling to be cost efficient with their operations and with the services that they cater to commuters.

The benefits of real-time tracking for public transportation has four significant benefits that every company and commuter should consider since this is a two-way system of service. Using real-time monitoring enables real-time monitoring, helps optimize bus capacity, ensures fuel efficiency, and provides customer satisfaction and profitable operations. Using GPS tracking systems such as myTrackee and other cloud technology makes bus operations accurate and sufficient for the allotted time and updates commuters in a possible manner to avoid traffic. To learn more about the different benefits of using real-time tracking for public transportation, please check the infographic created by myTrackee.