Know Your Personality Type To Make Better Career Decisions

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®(MBTI®) assessment helps in the understanding of an individual’s motivations, natural strengths and potential growth areas, providing a foundation for an individual to achieve their career goals. Once you know your personality type you can choose the right career path in your life and excel at whatever you do.

Career and education related decisions are usually driven by parents and friends, which is why you have a lot of working professionals who don't like the job they are doing currently.

Your personality type and similar preferences make it simpler to work in some professions, and difficult to work in others. As a result, individuals with specific personality traits find themselves performing better in certain jobs more often than in others.

Some Facts About MBTI:

MBTI® assessment is the most widely used to understand different personality types.

It has been translated into more than 30 languages.

89 of Fortune top 100 companies have used MBTI

Top educational institutions worldwide rely on MBTI® as a fundamental tool for career development.
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Blockchain technology being one of the buzzword of these days, lets get some information regarding blockchain technology and how this works in case of bitcoin. The major application of blockchain technology is in Bitcoin, Bitcoin was invented in the year 2009 and published as an open source with an alias as Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin was at first given name as “An electronic peer-to-peer cash system”. But the person or group behing the invention of bitcoin still remains mysterious.
 The blockchain in the bitcoin is generally considered as a public ledger account which is used to record all the transactions between users of bitcoin. Blockchain is the decentralized digital public ledger. Once the transactions are recorded they cannot be tampered with or changed, it means that double spending can be prevented using the blockchain technology.

Blockchain is the decentralized digital public ledger. Blockchain consists of number of blocks and for each and every transaction an extra block is added to the blockchain. Blockchain technology doesn’t involve in interference of any third party member or authority in between and the transaction and transactions solely depends on the users i.e both payer and receiver. Bitcoin is often used to perform illegal activities thus it is banned or restricted in many countries.

There is no central authority over bitcoins, but there is a limit of about 21 million.

For each and every transaction taking place, a private key is originated from the crypto wallet, it is a digital signature which helps in making sure by providing a mathematical proof that the transaction has come from the wallet of owner.

  • The main advantage of blockchain technology is its nature that the transactions can’t be a altered and each block of the chain provides a cryptographic reference to the previous block.
  • Each hash block of the chain is unique and meets certain cryptographic conditions.

For more detailed information about bitcoin and blockchain technology, please go through the below given infographic.
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outstanding argumentative essays topics

For some people writing an argumentative essays is really complicated task. I know from my own experience that success of essays depends on the topic that you pick. Sometimes people feel uncomfortable with their essay topic. I think in such case it's better to choose another topic for writing. If you don't have a lot of time for searching good topics, here you will find a big list of them. This inforgraphic image contains information about argumentative essays with twenty-four topics. For instance, there are topics about social issues, religion-related writing, development of technology and its effect on our life, nature and environment,  moral issues, health and care, family relation essays and education argument essays topics. I must say these topics are major and encouraged to write good arguments. In addition, this infographic image can be helpful for students or professros who search for something new. I hope that this information will help people to write interestinf argumentative essays. Good luck!
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How To Dress For Cold Weather

It may still be summer but winter will soon be here before you know it, and we want to make sure you’re fully prepared for when the cold hits!

While there’s not much you can do about stopping the cold, you can embrace it and dress appropriately. We have got some top tips to stay warm, comfortable and beat the cold snap in style - even in the coldest of conditions. To beat the cold in style follow our top tips and you’ll definitely be toasty and stylish in beyond freezing temperatures (and without the need of looking bulky in lots of layers!)
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Cell Phone Addiction Facts & Phone Usage Statistics

We can all agree that people are spending too much time on their phones, whether it be interrupting conversations, phones out at meal time or even taking it to the bathroom with you. Every country has a different average daily use for their smartphone, with Brazil, China, US, Italy and Spain leading the smartphone addiction wave. BankMyCell has presented the latest data in this visualization to illustrate juts how ridiculous the integration of cell phones into our lives is getting. The biggest concern seems to be the impact on children where 22% of them are checking the phone every few minutes – this can lead to some big health risk issues later on as overuse is closely linked to anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation.

The Road Trip Survival Guide

"With summer starting and road trips on the rise, many families and individuals are heading out on the open road. Many of them for the first time, others might be their 100th - either way, knowing what to do to prepare for the trip ahead is always helpful.

CarRentals has put together a helpful road trip survival guide infographic to make sure not only does the car and its' passengers arrive to its destination safely but also to keep everyone's sanity and good humor along the way as well.

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Ten of the World’s Greenest Football Stadiums

As the world prepares for the 2018 World Cup to kick off in Russia this month, have you ever stopped to think about the environmental impact of such a big sporting tournament? From transporting thousands of fans from across the globe to simply lighting the pitch, football stadiums can often be big, energy-sucking monsters.

Fortunately, many teams around the world are taking big steps to cut their energy usage, use water more responsibly, and seriously reduce their impact on the environment. This infographic from Eversmart Energy, a UK-based energy supplier, takes a look at 10 stadiums that have gone 'green'. The list includes everything from huge national arenas that have invested big in solar energy, all the way down to tiny non-league teams that are pioneering green building techniques. Germany, France, Brazil, Ireland and the USA all make this list - take a look and see if your team is in there!

Bad Responses to Getting Dumped

So much of the time people respond to a breakup with desperation, panic, and fear. Those three mental and emotional states almost never allow you to react in productive ways. When someone has told us that they want us out of their life, the best way for us to respond is to give them what they want. You will appear like a psycho stalker if you continue to pursue and pester them. It will be like you saying that even though they want a certain thing for their life, you don't and you are putting your wants and needs above theirs. That only makes you look selfish and out of touch. It will certainly push your ex away even further and destroy your chances of getting them back. As a dating coach with my specialty being in breakup recovery, I can tell you that the best way to handle a breakup is by being calm and graciously bowing out of the person's life. That way you look good and your ex has an opportunity to miss you. If you pester them, text, call, and otherwise nag them to come back to you, your ex cannot miss you but actually wants you gone even more because you are annoying them and making things very awkward. It's very important that, in spite of the difficult emotions, that you keep calm and show your ex that you respect his/her wishes. You must give them the breakup if you want a chance at getting them back.
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Effective inbound marketing strategies

Inbound Marketing is a modern concept, invented and introduced by Brian Halligan. It means the active utilization of tools to attract traffic, paying attention to gratuitous ways regardless of the fact that they take more time. In general, this strategy can be divided into three simple steps:

  • attraction of new visitors to the website;
  • somehow persuade or even coerce them to make some convertible action;
  • analysis of these actions in order to elaborate a perfect strategy.

In general, this approach is very successful and the main goal of the marketing managers is to find the best inbound marketing strategy customized for the goals of their companies. The following essay contains ten inbound marketing strategies that were proven to be useful and effective many times and their application resulted in the attraction of new interested customers.

Blogs: Despite the fact that blogging is one of the oldest tools of content marketing it is nevertheless very effective. According to HubSpot, thanks to blogs they managed to attract 43% of the total number of their customers despite the fact that only 9% of the employees should be engaged in this activity to make it useful and only 7% of the total budget is required.

Emailing: A well-considered emailing strategy on the basis of the database that contains regular customers, one-time customers or potential customers collected by means of registrations or various tricks applied by marketing managers is a perfect way to inform the customers about new interesting offers and keep in touch with them.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): This is another very effective tool of market management with a huge number of serious advantages which enable the user to perfectly modify its strategy. However, despite the quality of the content on the website, you will be able to benefit from it only if somebody will find it by means of Google or other search engines.

SMM (Social Media Marketing):  This is one of the cornerstones of inbound marketing with dozens of directions, tactics, and tools, designed to find the potential customers or interest groups in the Social Media.

Surveys / Analysis: By means of this very method, one can easily find out all the information required to significantly increase the sales since by means of various surveys interested customers can tell what they actually want, what they are afraid of and what qualities of the offered product or services they are looking for.

Webinars: This is a perfect tool for direct communication with the customers or interesting people who are ready to find out more about the product offered and in the future might become the customers. This one helps to win the trust of these people.

Videos: These tactics are widely used by almost all the market managers since multimedia content today is much propagated. It does not mean that textual content is not used anymore. This is just another way to attract new potential customers.

Landing Page: There is nothing new to say about this one. This is a good way of attracting new visitors to convert them into the customers in the future.

Case Studies: A couple of years ago it was one of the most widely used strategies of inbounding but lately, it was substituted with more effective ones. However, well-elaborated case-study is another valuable reason for the customers to use your very company.

Press releases: As well as case studies, they can be an excellent tool being used appropriately. However, its effectiveness dropped sharply with the algorithmic changes provided by Google in 2013.

Pros and Cons of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is well appreciated by the potential customers and significantly increase the conversions compared with the confusing and annoying advertisement of the Outbound Marketing.However, unlike traditional advertising methods, that requires only a certain amount of money to be paid, inbound marketing technologies require a creative approach and sufficient amount of knowledge to use them.

  • The progress and results of Inbound Marketing are fairly simple to monitor and evaluate using software and web analytics services.
  • The incoming advertising campaigns have a higher return on investment co efficient compared with outgoing ones.Incoming marketing techniques both effectively promote products and also contribute to increasing of the trust of the target audience and popularization of the product or service promoted. 

All the above-mentioned tactics might also fail. There is such a possibility. However, as long as you try to customize your approach to work with customers more effectively in order to meet all their requirements and expectations, you will succeed. Choose the most suitable inbound marketing strategy and start your own advertising campaign to attract the new interested visitor. Thus, the traffic of your website will continuously grow and all the interested visitors might turn into regular customers. 

About the author: 
The author who managed to show her awareness of inbound marketing strategies is Melisa Marzett. Her experience and skills allow her to work as a freelance writer at essay writers from sky writing service com. Currently, she is busy completing various writing assignments and you can also use the services she offers.