Outsource Data Entry Services & Enjoy Its Benefits

Data entry plays an important role in processing and digitizing data. There are a number of companies across the world that find it profitable in partnering with a professional data entry service provider. There are various reasons of outsourcing data entry services, as this infographic. As most businesses have both core and non-core processes, it can take a lot of money to implement non-core processes such as data entry in-house. You need to shed money for making use of new technologies, renting new office space, hiring data entry professionals, recruiting managers and many more. But if you outsource your data entry work, you will be able to stay free from all these hassles. This will provide you with more time to focus on your core business. This, in turn, will lead to improved business efficiencies and higher operational profits. Some other benefits of outsourcing data entry services include access to better talent, increased productivity, lower operational costs etc.

Infographic Source: http://outsourcedataentryservices.com/blog/top-4-reasons-to-outsource-data-entry-services/

How to Make Performance Reviews Accurate and Meaningful?

Managers and employees fear performance reviews.

55% of employees believe that appraisals are ineffective use of time, and they are inaccurate and meaningless when it comes to employee development and performance improvement.

Giving feedback continuously is necessary. Experts say that absence of feedback and development programs become major reasons for failure of aperformance review process. Managers often ignore the need to conduct frequent performance conversations with their team members. As a result, employees remain unaware of their weaknesses and show no improvement in performance.

In this infograph, you will find suggestions to make performance reviews more meaningful, accurate and relevant for employees. Automation of appraisal process has been simplified with advances in HR technology, and organizations are adopting automated tools to streamline the process and bring in the change.

Automation of appraisal makes it possible to document employees’ performance throughout, capture achievements continuously, identify areas of improvement and get deeper insights on employee data. This helps in decision making during appraisals.

Content Marketing:Why you need to focus in 2017?

In today's digital world, individuals are inundated with advertisements. Therefore, organizations battle to get their corporate message seen by buyers. In 2016, a review led by the Custom Content Council demonstrated that more than 70 percent of clients wanted to get their data from articles as opposed to from corporate advertisements. Presently, to achieve their intended interest group, an expanding number of organizations are depending on a promising new strategy: content marketing.

What are the benefits content marketing?

Many marketing chiefs have come to perceive the advantages and effectiveness of a decent content marketing strategy. As indicated it is indicated by PR office Waggener Edstrom Communications, 61 percent of advertisers surveyed saw expanded deals figures in the wake of executing a content marketing strategy.* Content marketing also helps organizations to accomplish various other corporate goals, including:

Lead era: If clients are inspired by the content gave, there is a high likelihood that they will leave their contact subtle elements

Expanded reach and name acknowledgment: Often, high-quality content that locations present or disputable points is scattered through Social Media networks.

Picture improvement: Releasing superb distributions all the time enables organizations to build up themselves as thought pioneers, which strengthens the corporate brand.

Client advancement: Content that offers valuable data associates the client to the organization for the long haul.

Here is the infographic for the successful content marketing in 2017

Top 8 Annoying Office Habits

What winds you up the most when working in an office? Is it the person who is constantly fiddling with the air con and changing the temperature? Is it that guy who insists on eating only the smelliest of foods at his desk? Or maybe it’s that girl who is constantly gossiping and putting other people down?

We all know of habits at the office that make us mad. But is there anything that can be done about it? After all, annoyed staff aren’t productive staff. This infographic by myhrtoolkit considers some of the most annoying office habits and suggests how they could be addressed.

If you’re a manager or business owner, perhaps consider if you’ve experienced any of these habits in your workplace. If somebody else experiences them, would they be comfortable reporting it to you? By reducing the occurrence of annoying habits, you could be looking at a happier, more productive workforce.


How Visualization Helped Me Be More Productive at Work

Up until a few months ago, I had lost my energy and motivation at work. I was slacking off and procrastinating, and my work was piling up (fortunately for me, my senior was on maternity leave).

But here’s the thing, the reason for my increasing disengagement from my work was not because I didn’t love what I was doing or I despised my team or my office; the reason was me. I was losing my appetite for work. I was disorganized, unproductive and, well to be honest, kind of bored.

At one point I remember Googling solutions for the rut I was stuck in. It was then that I discovered some methods of visualization that could help me out.

What does visualization has anything to do with improving my productivity? I was skeptical too, until I really tried out these visualization methods that I’m going to share with you, hoping they will help you be more efficient at work too!

Mind Maps are a More Fun Way to Organize Ideas 

I’m a writer. My head is an idea factory. Believe me, I may have tried several ways (to no avail, of course) to organize the ideas that shoot out of my head when I’m working on marketing campaigns. I would list them down, go over them in my head, try to memorize them…but this wasn’t exactly very successful.

Until mind maps.

A mind map is this way of visually organizing the idea sprouting in your head. It’s not necessarily art, but more of an artistic way of laying out an idea, strategy or an entire marketing campaign.

It begins with the name of your idea in the middle of the map. Then you branch it out as you slowly develop it into a strategy that can be realized. A mind map can also be used as a technique to solve a problem, make a decision or even to plan out something like an event or your daily work schedule.

(Mind map example of a promotional campaign)

I like using mind maps to organize ideas for two reasons;

- They stimulate creative thinking, helping me with brainstorming better ideas
- They help me ascertain and analyze the outcome as I develop the idea

A mind map is a combination of visual, color and visual-spatial arrangement, which help memorize information better. This combination of elements also helps with gaining a better overview of the idea in question, and that helps with generating new ideas or solutions when mapping out a strategy.

Using mind maps has not only rekindled my passion for coming up with unique content marketing strategies, but has also made my day more productive, for I use a mind map to plan the daily tasks every morning, and it has restored order to my routine.

Flowcharts are a Unique Way to Figure out Processes 

Flowcharts are this great way of visualizing the structure of a process. What is the point of visualizing the flow a process? I asked myself the same question as I drew a flowchart of our visual content marketing strategy. This did not only help me clarify a few areas I was previously a tad bit confused about, but it also helped me figure out where I should make improvements.

Now this isn’t the only purpose of a flowchart. Flowcharts can also be used for (strategic) decision-making and even planning. Say you have to make a choice between two alternatives; a flowchart helps you figure out what the better alternative is, hence accelerating the decision-making or the problem-solving process.

I would say that it is similar to listing down the pros and cons of the available options, except a flowchart is more effective in the sense that it allows you to contemplate the alternative more thoroughly and guides you to make the right choice.

Now I always use flowcharts when I want to clarify the flow of a strategy or a campaign process to my senior or a colleague. This way it’s more efficient because it leaves me with less explaining to do (as the flowchart pretty much is self-explanatory and simplifies the process through visualization) and I’ve got a guide to give me direction and keep me on track throughout the entire project.

Gantt Charts are the Best Solution for Project Management 

Imagine how easy it is when you have all the important project details, like the different tasks, duration of these tasks or whether they overlap each other etc., in one place for a quick overview. Now stop imagining and use a Gantt chart because this is exactly what a Gantt chart does. Plus it also lets youtrack the progress of each individual task.

Remember I told you how I was disorganized and my work suffered because of it; I was referring to the way I handled the projects at the time. I used to work on various tasks assigned to me at different times and I didn’t track their progress or completed them properly. This eventually resulted in the delay of several projects I was working on (gladly, I was in charge of the projects and they were not urgent).

So I incorporated a Gantt chart. At first it was just an experiment, but then the results were just amazing, so I decided to adopt the method permanently.

A Gantt chart lets you break the project in to several smaller tasks (which you can further break down), and as you work on them, you can mark down the progress you make each day or week. This way you can set accurate deadlines and monitor the progress you make.

Org Charts are Not Just for Visualizing the Organizational Structure

That’s right. Initially I thought that organizational charts are just for visualizing the hierarchy of a company too. But, not only an org chart can be used to illustrate the job roles and the responsibilities of the employees, but they can also be used to clarify the reporting structure within the team or the organization.

If you are new to the company and have no idea who is who and what they do, an org chart could literally be a lifesaver. The new SEO specialist, who joined my marketing team just last week, swears by this.And yes, I recommended it to him.

A comprehensive org chart of the company is also plenty helpful when planning a project. Since the org chart visually highlights the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the company (I usually also mark down the project schedule of everyone in the team on the org chart itself), it is easier when assigning tasks or setting up deadlines.  This saves you time when allocating resources and selecting competent people for the job.

Fishbone Diagrams are the Solution for All the Problems 

A fishbone diagram, also known as the cause and effect diagram, is a great tool when you are brainstorming possible causes for a problem. It’s a method that drives you to ask the question ‘why is this happening’ at every possible turn, hence making sure that you have scrutinized every alternative cause of the problem at hand to find the best solution.

Solving a problem for me used to be finding the solution to what seemed like the most obvious cause when an issue popped up; on days I would now like to consider as lucky, this worked, but on other days, it was just a temporary fix if not the worst solution I could ever come up with.

However, a fishbone diagram doesn’t let you be sloppy with problem-solving, because it gets you to look in to the issue more thoroughly, deconstruct it to a bunch of causes until you get your finger on that one cause that is responsible for the effect. This is a great way to structure brainstorming session, and compared to simple list making or note taking, this method is more effective.

It was obvious, what I wanted to gain my energy and motivation back and to restore order into my disorganized work schedule was a systematic approach. With these visualization methods, I was able to do just that. Go ahead and try them out, and share your own experience with increasing workplace productivity through visualization in the comment section below.

About the Author 
Amanda Athuraliya is the communication specialist/content writer at Cinergix, the team behind the development of the organizational chart software, Creately. She is an avid reader, a budding writer and a passionate researcher who loves to write about all kinds of topics.

How to Get Rid Of Hickey

"How to get rid of a hickey but first of all we should know what is a Hickey?  Hickeys are also known as love bites.

A love bite is a mark given by your partner while involved in sexual activity with him/her. Mark left behind after this love bite is red in colour and its formed because of blood flow from cappilaries to outer part of the body.

Its very natural process and not much can be done to cure it but there are still ways to get reduce the mark left on your body and heal it fast.

So we will be sharing this valuable information with you in the form of infographic. As it becomes more easier to undertstand.

These methods are mostly used to get ird of hickey mark fast. The reason is if your parents see the mark, they understands immediately about your relationship and you have to make out the excuses to avoid it.

So its necessary to follow these ways to get them heal fast and disappear.

Infographic Source :- http://lookmyhealth.com/how-to-get-rid-of-hickey/

You Will Definitely Find Your References in These World’s Biggest Libraries

Books give us an escape from reality even if it is only for a few seconds. In fact we can not imagine our life without books and reading as they are like our friends. All over the world there are a lot of libraries but we have chosen the most stunning which are really worth visiting and which impress you a lot. Learn more about libraries, visit them, read books and you always be in trend. According to our analysis British Library in London is the winner, because there are about 1.75 mln visitors per year and about 150 mln books in the catalogue. But which are the most beautiful? Enjoy our infographic and you will know it!

Top Home Remedies for Oral Thrush

Some of us might be surprised, but the fact is that there is a number of fungus candida living in our mouth. Normally, they do not cause any problem until they growth is uncontrolled. At that time, you are likely to experience oral thrush, a common oral problem. And it is necessary to address oral thrush as soon as possible. Throughout time, it will make our immunity weaker and weaker; as a consequence, our body might suffer from other health complications.

In addition, oral thrush is claimed to pass among us easily. Therefore, it should be treated quickly to avoid the infections of the whole community.

There are numerous factors that lead to this unexpected growth of fungus candida. It is more common if you are experiencing some medications. For example, birth control pills are a possible cause of candida infection because of their side effects on women. Some health problems that usually cause oral thrush as a sign are diabetes, cancer, weak immune system…

When having oral thrush, you might notice some lesions in the mouth, nasty breath and even bleeding. They are all annoying and embarrassing. Therefore, it is better to start oral thrush treatment instantly. Fortunately, there are some natural ingredients that you might already have at home to deal with this problem. Here are several natural home remedies for oral thrush.

1.     Salt
One of the simplest ways to get rid of oral thrush is salt, with its wonderful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral qualities. It can quickly remove excess bad bacteria that concentrate in your mouth and cause various problems. Besides, gargling with salt water on a daily basis is a good way to protect your oral health, which has been confirmed by professional experts. You should use warm water and salt for the best comfort.

2.     Yogurt
When it comes to the imbalance of bacteria in any body part, yogurt seems to be one of the most popular fighters. It contains a lot of probiotics and healthy bacteria that will help balance the number of bacteria in your mouth again. However, for the best oral thrush treatment, you should go for unsweetened, plain yogurt only. Sweetened one might worsen the situation. It is suggested that you use yogurt 2-3 times every day and maintain this habit for several weeks. It also has positive impacts on your digestive and immune system, which protects you from many health problems in general.

3.     Cinnamon
In addition to a very unique smell, cinnamon possesses many suitable qualities that we need in oral thrush treatment. They are anti-parasitic and antifungal enough to fight against oral thrush. The effects of cinnamon were even addressed by the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

How to do:
•        Pour cinnamon powder or use its stick in water
•        Boil them for approximately 5 minutes before filtering
•        Then, you can drink its warm tea regularly every day
A tip for those who want to better the flavor and benefits also is to mix a bit lemon juice into this tea.

4.     Baking Soda
Because of its reasonable price, baking soda serves as a perfect way to handle oral thrush. It has direct effects on the number of fungus in our mouth. In addition, baking soda is reported to play an important role in the acid balance of your mouth. Therefore, it will eliminate all bad bacteria that make you suffer from annoyance.

How to do:
•        Mix baking soda (1-2 teaspoons) into water to form a thick paste
•        Then, dab it into the mouth with the help of a cotton cloth
•        A few minutes later, take warm water to rinse the mouth
You are recommended to follow this method 2-3 times every day to get the best results.

5.     Black Walnut
Black walnut contains a large number of tannins which are powerfully anti-fungal and astringent. As a result, it is reasonable to put black walnut among top foods for oral thrush. On the other hand, juglone which is present in black walnut also gives anti-fungal and antibiotic qualities. You can use raw fruits, its capsules or extract to speed up the oral thrush treatment. Moreover, if you have any problem with strep throat, black walnut might be the answer to your issue as well.

6.     Cranberry
Arbutin in cranberry is claimed to eradicate fungus candida very effectively. Thus, you can take advantage of cranberry to make the treatment better. This home remedy is also available in the form of tablets which are more suitable for children. However, remember to take consultation from doctors or professional doctors. On the other hand, fresh cranberry is still more appreciated. You had better use its fresh juice 2-3 times on a daily basis until oral thrush is confirmed to be gone.

7.     Apple Cider Vinegar
When you use apple cider vinegar, you will receive a lot of enzymes that are beneficial for the oral thrush treatment. Its vinegar nature is certain to bring back the blaance of pH level in our mouth. This means that the candida development will be stopped instantly. In addition, apple cider vinegar can strengthen our immunity significantly, which probably protects you from the re-occurrence. The vinegar’s antifungal quality was also published by the Journal of Prosthodontics.

Yet, apple cider vinegar is quite acidic when being used alone. That’s why people often mix it in water first.

How to do:
•        Pour the vinegar (about 2 teaspoons) into warm water (1 cup)
•        Mix half a teaspoon of salt
•        Then, stir the mixture very well
•        Gargle with it several times every day

Besides, apple cider vinegar can be used with raw honey for the same effects. You can replace salt with honey.

8.     Garlic
In spite of its smell, garlic has been one of the most nutritious foods. Its application is more than your own kitchen. For years, people in medicinal community have praised it, especially for its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Therefore, you can use it to deal with oral thrush, not to mention its great influence on our immune system. If possible, you can eat raw garlic to eliminate bad bacteria in the mouth. If you are worried about bad breath, there are simple ways to get rid of it, such as lemon or water.

Author’s bio: This article is written by Arial Grande – Senior Editor of Authority Remedies. She is a certified pharmacist after finishing her bachelor degree of Healthcare Management at University of Findlay. She has worked and trained in the field of Nutrition and Health for over 2 years, consistently providing people with useful information about nutrition as well as helping them with their common health problems.

Discovering Flores de Mayo: How Well Do You Know the Queens of Santacruzan?

May is the month when most people anticipate the most-awaited first rain of May which is believed to have a power to heal ailments (mostly summer related like prickly heat). But the month of May is also most awaited for the festival of Flowers, the Flores de Mayo. Flores de Mayo is perhaps the most celebrated as it is the most widespread festival in the Philippines.

Flores de Mayo is celebrated in honor of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. In this festival, young girls dressed in white would  offer flowers to the Virgin Mary. This festival culminates with a pomp procession of beautiful town ladies dressed in their best and holding symbols as diverse as a weighing scale, lamb and decapitated head. The procession of the queens celebrates the finding of the Holy Cross of Christ.

For the unfamiliar, the sight of this colorful and extravagant parade can be unintelligible. Certainly, because of the symbols. To help you learn about the Reynas (Queens) of the Santacruzan and their symbols, here's an infographic from M2Comms.