The Impact of IT Security on Small Business

It makes the news when someone like Target, Equifax or Yahoo suffer a security breach as they are multinational companies worth billions of dollars but you don’t hear about this happening to small business.
Does this mean that as a small business owner you can relax, that the big guys are who the bad guys are after, that small business is not a target worth pursuing?
Well no, that’s not the case at all in fact nearly half of all cyber attacks are tarted at small business.   This means that small business needs to take IT security seriously.
This infographic outlines the impact of IT security on small business – it is not just downtime but think about the cost of lost business files, customer data being released and good will of the company not to mention the actual cost to recover.

The Ultimate List of Outsourcing Statistics

Outsourcing services as an industry has been a steady source of income for individuals and organizations in developing countries such as the Philippines since the 1980s.

Elsewhere around the world, outsourcing services have also grown dramatically, as companies looked to hire workers from other nations to save on labor costs.

More and more businesses then opened their doors to outsourcing key business functions—from manufacturing to IT and customer service, with new industries being added to the list of outsourcing sectors over time.

Today, outsourcing is still a major force in global economies, generating billions of money for providers of outsourcing services and their host country. Then again, there are newly emerging technological trends that could affect the future of business process outsourcing—proving that this industry is forever evolving.

For more factual data on the past, present, and future of the business, refer to our ultimate list of outsourcing statistics.

Let’s Prepare for Journey: Travel Safety Tips for Seniors

While traveling is fun and exciting, it does come with its share of challenges. Be it packing, flying, eating out, or waiting in queues, all of us have pet peeves and limits on handling worst-case scenarios with grace and calm. And when it comes to senior travel, complexities seem to increase given the special needs of older individuals!

This doesn’t mean senior adults can’t experience the joys of traveling without constantly having someone by their side to care for them. With proper planning, senior individuals can comfortably enjoy a trip on their own, with their partner, or in a group.

Here’s an infographic that touches on various aspects of planning and preparation for senior travel. Read up and make your next trip a safe and wonderful experience!

Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

Some are having a hard time to juggle every responsibility that they have. From the time that some people would wake up and before sleeping, some are just too filled with work. Moreover, at times, some gets anxious,and losses control with handling their chaotic setting. However, the real question is, how can they find peace in this chaotic world without giving up?

There are three prominent aspects that one should consider finding peace and calmness amidst chaos. First is learning how to take a break from all the things that you are doing. Simply refreshing your brain and having a breather from all the time that you are exposed to technology that tethers your routine at work. Catholics understand meditating to adhere and respond to what the Lord is asking for you to do accordingly to His will.Moreover, most importantly, entrusting everything is part of a bigger plan that God provides in your life. Learn more about finding peace in this chaotic world on the infographic below by Catholic World Mission.


You’re leaving your house, you lock the door, it clicks into place and you’re on your way…but something isn’t right. You feel like something is missing. You’ve lost all the joy and wonder of protecting your household, just locking the door doesn’t feel right anymore. How about setting dozens of booby traps? This Home Alone inspired infographic from Berkeley Build is the perfect place to start for your home security transformation. With illustrations from Lindsay Ball-McQueen, this fun infographic maps out the traps used on the real layout of the McCallister home and is a big hit with fans of the film. Get inspired, get nostalgic and think about how you can start securing your castle, Home Alone style.

Art as A Marketing Strategy for Hotels

Despite the many revolutionary advancements in technology that civilization has seen for decades, it remains that word-of-mouth is one of the best, most powerful, and effective marketing strategies for any business in any industry. People love to talk about anything and everything under the sun – it’s a proven fact and we live in it everyday. Word of mouth is a kind of marketing that, not only is cost-effective for businesses as the customers are marketing for them instead, but is also regarded as one of the most reliable by other customers. Nothing beats being recommended by other customers towards a product or service they swear by.

This is why businesses strive hard to provide products, services, and customer experience that will get the market talking about them in a positive light. For hotels, this has always depended on the kind of service that the customers experienced while staying with them, plus a few perks that come with the establishment, such as amenities.

Nowadays, however, hotels with interesting art displays, thought-provoking pieces, and controversial works are generating buzz in the market. They create intrigue in curiosity in the hotel occupants, and they become the talk of the town, which is driving more and more people to their doorstep.

Learn more about how art has now become a fundamental element of hotel design for marketing strategy in this infographic by Accent Art and Frame

Build Energy Saving Home for Better Efficiency

This is a very helpful infographic on why should we build an energy saving home, how can we accomplish this plan and who are there to help us to reach our goal.

First of all, it provides us the basic facts why do we need a home that can save energy. The simple and straightforward answer to this question is, for better efficiency. But this infographic doesn't leave us there, rather it delivers the four most practical logics why like, to protect the environment, save money, increase the resale value and make your home cosy.

Then it explains a standard home energy rating system determined by Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). It describes their energy rating scale (0-10) as per thermal efficiency. The energy consumption statistics of Australia’s different states and territories helps to get an idea of energy use in Australia.

The next phase of the infographic is really important. It shows you what fundamental parameters can turn your home into an energy-saving one such as the orientation of the windows, efficient lighting or LED lighting, insulation and solar panel.

Last but not least, the infographic interprets the necessity of an experienced and accredited home energy rating assessor in this whole process of building an energy-saving home for better efficiency. And how we can get an accurate energy rating report by professional energy rating consultants.

If we follow the infographic, we'll be one step closer to our sustainable development goals.

Non-Hospital Jobs for Nurses

The nursing shortage is bigger than one might think, and it extends into occupations that are outside of the hospitals you might not normally think of when considering career options that relate to nursing. Registered Nurses (RNs) continue to find themselves in high demand throughout the industry for many different positions. Some potential titles include Clinical Research Nurse, Traveling Nurse, Informatics Nurse, Consulting and Self-Employment, Occupational Nurse, Nurse Educator, as well as many more in other industries. These career paths offer exceptional annual income. There continues to be more demand than the labor force can satisfy, and this shortage doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Professionals continue to forecast an increasing nursing shortage and demand for RNs in many industries. It’s no wonder there is so much demand for RNs, even outside of the hospital. Find out more about non-hospital nursing jobs by reviewing this infographic. For information on how to to become an RN through Duquesne University's online nursing degree programs.

10 Reasons Why Reading Is Important

Most people today read every day. It may be reading the news, facebook, twitter or websites, it's something we do all the time. Now there's not much wrong with this but how many of us still read books? Books are a wonderful gift from the author. It's very different from those listed above, and I would also say that it's a way more productive time to spend your time. So why aren't more people reading books? Is it because they don't know the benefits? Is it because we've gotten lazy? Whatever the reason, it's a cause for concern. Technology is making us reliant on it and less independent. It has its benefits, but the negatives are there as well. So should you really read more? And why can't we just learn things in a different form? Here are some compelling reasons to start reading more.