The 15 Best Technical SEO Tools Every Webmaster Should Know!

There is a plethora of tools which a company can use in order to enhance its search rankings through efficient optimization of its websites. One of these tools is Screaming Frog using which you can find out basic things which you have missed out such as images with big files, errors in response codes, canonicals, and URLs.

Google Search Console has undergone many updates and enhancements in recent years to emerge as the best tool for SEO reporting.

Google Analytics is a free tool using which you can find out details on major aspects related to SEO such as penalties, issues related to traffic etc.

Web Developer Toolbar is available as browser available for Chrome as well as Firefox. Using it, you can find out different types of code related problems, like the ones which are related to the implementation of JavaScript, problems with images, alt texts, meta tags etc.

Does Your College Have The Best Women's Soccer Players?

Over the past four years, eight colleges have accounted for 27% of the top women’s soccer players, all of them Div. I colleges.

Indeed, under one-fourth of states actually have the most elite of women's soccer players. Stanford leads the way with 21 top 100 rankings and Florida State and Penn State are tied for second. Where does your favorite college stand?  This map shows the schools with the greatest percentage shares of top women's soccer players. Our list includes the regular season of 2015-2017. It also includes the 2018 preseason rankings from the week of Aug. 20. How does your college stand up to the competition? If you're from California, it looks like you're in luck! Over thirty players alone come from various colleges located in the Golden State. Stanford alone has produced a top two player every single year in the past three years. It must be something in the water down there!
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7 Ways You Can Make Outdoor Activities Fun for Your Kids

The presence of smart devices in today’s modern household has made outdoor play a little less exciting for the young ones. It’s sad to think so, too—kids can get a lot of benefits from playing outside! Parks,
playgrounds, and even your backyard are all great places to exercise your child’s imagination, develop their social skills, and sharpen their focus.

Show your kids the marvel of having fun outside. If you need awesome ideas to convince your kids to get off the couch and out in the day, here are seven fun things you can try. See more fun ideas by viewing
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Flooring Options: The Pros & Cons

Sustainability, price, style and ease of maintenance are the top criteria when it comes to choosing the best flooring options for your home or commercial property. We compare Luxury Vinyl Tile, Laminate & Engineered Wood and examine the pros and cons of each to make your decision making process that little bit easier.

Still unsure as to whether LVT is the right option for your home or commercial property? Wondering whether vinyl or laminate is better? What about hardwood and stone? Well check out our infographic below where we have listed the pros and cons of each surface. Save time asking friends and family and researching the difference online as we have compared the properties and qualities of each flooring solution so you don’t have to.

For each category, Durability, Maintenance, Cost, Sustainability & Appearance, we have scored the flooring option out of five according to our professional opinions and experiences.

Reasons to book an Airport Transfer

Our infographic gives three reasons to book an Airport Transfer. A Private Airport Transfer is a hired car with a chauffeur. Hotel and city transfers are other common types of private car transfers, in addition to summer festival transfers and ski transfers in wintertime. Event transfers such as conference and trade fair transfers are also common throughout the year.

There is a widespread misconception that private car transfers are overly expensive or not good value for money, and as such only used by wealthy travelers.

Our infographic lists Value For Money, Peace Of Mind and Flexibility as the 3 main reasons for ordering airport transfers. An Airport Transfers brings you door to door, exactly when you need. The drivers are licensed professionals, and the service is extremely flexible, exactly tailored to your needs.

Want to know just how far £5 can stretch around the world?

You’d be surprised at some of these amazing experiences you can afford! In this infographic we take a look at some of the most unique experiences you can have in port cities around the world. From incredible cable cars, iconic meals and unforgettable experiences, it’s unbelievable what a fiver can get you around the world. Whereas most people think of five pounds as a fairly small amount of money, it can get you a long way around the world and can afford you experiences and visits you’d expect to be a lot more expensive. It’s some of these incredible experiences that prove it’s not the number in your bank account, but how you use it that matters. So, next time you have five pounds in your hand we ask you think about all of the amazing things you can do with it on your next trip!

How a Divorced Family Can Be a Healthy Family

Did you know that one in three Americans is actually part of a blended family? While divorce can be very traumatic for children, it does not have to be. Many divorced parents go on to be great co-parents with happy and healthy children. Happy co-parenting is not as impossible as it sounds. This infographic offers parents tips on how to make a divorce easier on their children. It also offers tips on successful co-parenting.
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How To Clean Your Favorite Room – Home Theater Cleaning Guide

We all know that cleaning our house is very important - especially the theater room full of screens, cables, speakers, and other gadgets and gizmos covered with dust and dirt. But, before you start with cleaning and dusting good thing to know is how to do it properly, because if you're not doing it the right way, you can do even more damage to your precious equipment. In this infographic, you'll find some basic tips you need to consider when cleaning, like unplugging the devices before dusting them, using clean and dry cloth, not using abrasive or harsh cleaning materials and other things that are good to know as well as some other cool tips & tricks. If you do this regularly, it will take only half an hour each week, but it will make your time in theater room better since the screens and other electronic devices are going to be brighter, dust-free and ready to use.

Solving the Cyber Security Skills Gap

In today's tech savvy world, it's no surprise we're finding ourselves in a shortage of experts in the field. This time, there is a huge deficit in the number of cyber security professionals. This infographic outlines the different types of cyber crimes, discusses possible options for solving the skills gap, highlights some of the benefits of a career in cyber security, and points out a couple of online learning options that will help bring a resolution to the need for more trained cyber security professionals.