The Facts About Local SEO

Digital marketing has the power to grow businesses. Thanks to search engines and social media, it’s never been easier for customers to find products and services they need. There’s so many businesses that don’t take advantage of local SEO tactics that are costing them business. Brands that don’t bother with social media are missing out on brand awareness and quality backlinks for their website. I was surprised to find out that only 44% of businesses have claimed a free GMB listing. If you want to rank in the local three-pack, you need to have a combination of consistent citations including your name, address, and phone number. You should also focus on collecting customer testimonials from your best customers. Customers are more likely to try a product or service when they see it’s been recommended by a person they trust.  This infographic from NYC Serp shows how improving your on-page SEO could help increase conversions for your website.
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What Is Overlanding?

Overlanding is a relatively small niche in the travelling sector and its popularity growing fast on a yearly basis. The origins and history of overlanding is not well known.

We are often asked ""What Is Overlanding?"".

The infographic also addresses other questions like the minimum requirements in terms of skills and gear if someone wants to start doing this type of adventure travel.

This infographic is also supported by a long article on our website.

The topics that are specifically covered, are:

  • where is overlanding coming from as a travel style?
  • famous, bucket list worthy routes
  • early overland adventures
  • comparison of overlanding with other types of similar travel like off-roading and roadtripping. What are the differences?
  • what are the reasons of the recent growth in popularity
  • skills that you need for overlanding
  • essential and non-essential gear list for overlanding
  • principals that you should follow
  • who are the experts in this field.

Trends that future proof your ecommerce strategy

Today’s e-commerce is anything but stagnant. On the contrary, it has come a long way since a few years back. Now, it’s not only possible for people to shop online but some companies are upping their e-commerce game by using cutting-edge technologies that enable customers to virtually try on products before buying them.

With this level of creativity, can you imagine how much further the e-commerce space is going to get after a year or so? But perhaps the more important question you should be looking into is what your company is doing to prepare your business for the future of e-commerce. It then goes without saying that planning now can help your brand compete better in the evolving market of e-commerce. 

Our infographic below can guide you in identifying which trends will likely catch up more in the coming years so that you could future-proof your business’ e-commerce strategy.

Raising a family and doing Distance education: A real possibility

Going back to the classroom can be a major challenge for majority of men and women, while raising a family at the same time. Whether you are pursuing an MCA degree, an MBA course, or any specialization course in India, higher education can be a boon for the career growth and aspiration of Indians raising a family. However, due to the inflexibility associated with on-campus educational programs in India, many Indians are unable to complete or pursue higher education programs, once they start a family.

Thanks to the growth of distance education like Sikkim Manipal University in India, studying while being a family person is now a real possibility in this country. Distance education, along with the emergence of technology devices, is enabling students, particularly working professionals, to pursue educational programs according to their own time schedule and learning pace.

This article provides tips and suggestions on how you, as a family person, can pursue studies through distance education.

Plan how your distance education course can help you professionally.
Most professionals, after starting a family, opt for a distance education course to advance in their careers or to learn a skill that can help them professionally. Before enrolling, plan on what personal or career outcome you are expecting after completing the education course. Despite their flexibility and lack of commuting, distance education programs still demand your time and commitment, hence require detailed planning.

Speak to your spouse for support.
As a parent, you would need the complete support of your spouse, so that they can take a larger responsibility as a parent. Additionally, speak to your extended family members or friends so that they are prepared to provide you with additional assistance such as baby sitting, or you are unable to pick your kids from the school.

Avail of the flexibility that distance learning programs offer.
Most distance education programs allow you the flexibility to choose your own study schedule. Plan your weekly learning schedule in such a way that you can still spend quality time with your children and your spouse. Depending on whether you prefer to study early morning or late into the night, decide on a study schedule that you are most comfortable with and would be able to follow each day.

Instead of allocating an entire day for your course work, break it down into smaller and manageable tasks, which can be completed in a shorter time frame.

Manage your time effectively.
In addition to developing an efficient time schedule for studying, it is important to prioritize your daily tasks and not try to fit in everything into your day. Allocate time for any emergency situation, but also plan some time for relaxation with your favorite activities.

As compared to the traditional on-campus education model, distance education has enabled many Indians with families to opt for quality education from a reputed distance education university without having to be away from their families. Through some detailed planning and perseverance, distance education can enable you to combine your family life with your professional career aspirations.

7 Incredible Design Tips to Build Your En Suite Bathroom like a Pro Designer

En-suite bathrooms are now the norm in the upper class and posh homes. If you want to add an en suite to your bedroom, then here are some incredible en suite bathroom design tips:

  1. You can increase or decrease the facilities in your en suite depending on the available space - i.e. bigger en suite can accommodate lavish features like dual basin & a sitting area.
  2. Small en suite bathroom is an option. Use mirrors wisely to create an illusion of a larger and broader space. 
  3. Install a wall-mounted toilet and vanity to save space along with shower, tub and a powder area. 
  4. If space is less, just install the shower and avoid fitting a tub to avert congestion.
  5. Install same tiles all over the floor area including the shower area to create a feeling of roominess.
  6. Ensure that wall is connected to another wet area like laundry, which will allow your plumber to connect with your existing plumbing system, thus, saving you money.
  7. Intelligent storage solution like fitting overhead cupboards that can be hidden behind mirrored handle-less doors are crucial.

Adding an en suite to your bedroom will most likely increase your home’s overall value. For any type of bathroom renovations, contact specialist bathroom renovators in Melbourne.

Is Leasing a Mercedes a better solution to getting it financed?

Is Leasing a car a better solution to getting it financed? This infographic will help you explore options and decide which one to go for. Both lease and finance has got their advantages and depending on what criteria suits you better you can decide which of the two will work for you. Also, there are advanced options for first class finance and first class lease which are preferred by a lot of buyers.

This infographic also helps you understand the difference between the two and select the better one which will make you feel great when you buy this awesome car. The lease option is good if you wish to give zero down payment and get behind the wheels without spending much at a time. Purchase option leads you the ownership segment which allows complete control of your own vehicle. Both the choices are right and it all depends on your preference. Mercedes comes with both options.
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The reason for rise of Mercedes against BMW. 3 car comparison

The infographic is the comparative analysis of two of the most reputed car brand – Mercedes and BMW. Both are German based and are regarded as best in class in terms of looks and reliability. In this infographic, we have compared three cars of Mercedes with that of its equivalent thee counterparts of BMW. It compares Mercedes Benz C - Class with BMW 3 Series, Mercedes - Benz E - Class with BMW 5 series and Mercedes - Benz GLC with BMW X3.The comparison is done in terms of essential features. The parameter used are horsepower, valves, looks, comfort and convenience, seating, fuel capacity and front power headrest. A deep analysis will conclude that Mercedes surpasses BMW in all aspects. So if you are planning to buy a car, this infographic will definitely come to your help. The information is provided in a very crisp and in a tabular form, making comparison very easy.

The History of the Cubicle

The wonderful office cubicle; keeping employees focused, providing privacy, and eliminating distractions in offices everywhere. And, also secluding us, stripping away our personality and individuality, and hiding us behind our tall cubicle walls. Can you believe the cubicle was designed to do exactly the opposite of that. Designed to give employees freedom and individuality and promote mobility, the modular cubicle systems were not intended to confine people to a specific space. The hinged panels could be adjusted to provide the ideal work environment for each employee, whether that be completely closed in or relatively open and connected with the rest of the office. But, either way, people had choice and flexibility. Somewhere along the line, this revolutionary vision was conformed into the dreaded cubicle that we know and hate today. Find out what other pieces of the cubicle history puzzle you are unaware of. It might be a better idea to base your next office layout off of office designs in the 1970's.
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25 Cognitive Biases and How They are Used in Business

The life-blood of business marketing and advertising ultimately boils down to human psychology. What factors contribute to our decision to pull out our wallet and spend money on a product or service? The human mind can be the victim of cognitive biases that pressure and ultimately impact the way we think about a particular situation or problem.

You have likely been influenced to buy a product that you ultimately wanted because someone you admire had the same product. This is a very common cognitive bias known as the bandwagon effect and even though you might try to argue for your originality, there is almost no escape from this bias.

Many companies feed into the bandwagon effect by hiring famous influencers to endorse their product, which in turn impacts the buying decision of their fan base. This visual from GetVoIP features 25 cognitive biases and how they are used in business.