The 10 Commandments of Pinball Repair and Maintenance

It is a challenge to repair your appraised Pinball machine. Not to mention, deciding whether or not to open its cabinet is a dilemma, mainly because you know there is a risk of aggravating the problem when you accidentally mishandle one of its parts. Thus, it is important to learn the basics and the do’s & dont’s of repairing and maintaining your arcade machine.

Proper assessment, correct procedures, and appropriate tools are the three things for an effective and efficient repair work. And at the very basic level, every Pinball machine owners should practice regular care and maintenance.

Whether you need a repair or pondering about right way of maintaining your arcade machine, you will benefit from this infographic. With the expertise in Pinball Machines, Pinball Sales Australia gives you the unbreakable rules before your tinker the machine. This infographic summed up the 10 commandments of of Pinball repair and maintenance.

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