Will You Still Have Your Job in 2020?

Do you think the chances of a robot taking your job by 2020 is next to nothing? Then it’s time to think again!

As of now, we are at the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Marked by rapid advancements in technology (3D printing, robotics, machinery, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, genetics etc.), it has transformed the way people live and work.

According to the study done by the World Economic Forum, 5.1 million jobs are to be lost over the period 2015-2020 as a result of the technological revolution that is underway. While robots, machines, AI, software etc. will make finishing most tasks in certain jobs much easier, they will make human input obsolete with time.

Most jobs that were exclusively done by humans a decade ago are now automated or computerized. For example, accountants are being replaced by software that have proven to be more efficient and cost-effective alternatives.

The silver lining in what can be called as a human job crisis, is the need for new types of jobs to support the massive transformation caused by the industrial revolution. According to the research, 2 million jobs will be created for this purpose.

While there will be a growth in IT, programming and software related jobs, new job types such as organizational development specialists will be born out of the requirement to guide companies through changing times.

The changes will have an inevitable impact on the skills required by each individual. Skills such as negotiation skills, critical thinking skills, decision making skills, creativity, emotional intelligence, technical skills etc. will be pivotal to securing a job in the future job market. Therefore developing them will be the failsafe way to future-proof oneself against the challenges caused by the technological revolution.

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