10 Places Mould Can Hide In Your Home

Most people expect that moulds only spread in murky places inside the home, such as the attic and the basement. Surprisingly, moulds can grow and spread in all places of the house. This fungus only need a dark moist surface to survive and start a colony. So, from the pillows to the carpets and under the furniture, mould scan spread.

What is more, this problem causes damage in every respect. It is a health hazard for every member of your family. And not only your health but it can also visibly damage the interiors of your house and the mould infested furniture.

Before anything unwanted happens, it is imperative for you to target the places that can easily nurse moulds. This is one big step to start addressing moulds problem. In this infographic, AWARE can help you identify the hiding places of moulds. On the other hand, it also includes simple tips for you to get rid of moulds.

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