Being a Filipino: 21 Things Only Filipinos Would Understand

There is everything quirky and unique about Filipinos.

Ttraits, be it physical appearance or how onesrelates to other people, and the habits one practices have inside his home tell  about the values and mindset of Filipinos. Conventionally, Filipino characteristics reveal their happy and family oriented side. That’s why it is no longer a surprise to know they rank as one of the most happiest and friendliest nations in the world.

And wherever Pinoys are, there are habits that mark them distinct among other races. Filipinos eat rice whatever the time of the day with spoon and fork, or when whim strikes, meal time can be done even with bare hands. When going to parties, a karaoke is a staple part of the event. And the list of habits and traits that only Filipinos could relate runs long.

In this infographic, M2.0 Communications compiled 21 unique things that only Filipinos would understand.

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