Reasons of Dropping Out Of College

 Perhaps every student has ever had difficulties in studying, especially in the first year. The entrance to adulthood, new surroundings, the academic workload, all of this is exhausting and it seems like you can't go on. Most students still cope with these basic difficulties and get a degree. 

But in addition to these common complications that everyone goes through, there are a number of other problems that can be a barrier to getting a degree: personal or family problems, lack of funds and financial worries, poor time management, bad habits, lack of motivation, insufficient socialization of the student, chronic sleep deprivation, possibility to get a job before graduation and so on. 

As a result, about 30% of students don't get their degrees and drop out of college. We’ve combined all these aspects in one infographic to show the main reasons for dropping out of college. We are sure that it can help students to understand the reasons for dropping out, rethink everything, finish college, and find the job of their dreams!

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