Ilha do Sal - Cape Verde - Visitors Guide

An infographic by Cabo Verde Travel Guide, with information about Sal Island, the most touristic place in Cape Verde, a paradisiac group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The infographic of Salt Island, contains information about the top places to visit, a map with those places, the delicious fruits and plates you're able to eat there, and the transportation options available. 

Buracona, Olho Azul, Murdeira, Ponta Preta, Santa Maria, and the pier, are just some of the places that you can go. Watching turtles and floating in the salt pits are other things that you can do. We are pretty sure that you'll also love the white Sandy Beaches.

Cabo Verde Travel Guide was made with the clients at heart, offering them information about the country, and helping them find that in an easy and attractive way

This may help tourists to be interested and discover a wonder to go to in the next holidays. 

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