What are the differences between light truck tyres and car tyres

 This infographic gives you some good hints on how to store your tyres. Before you store your tyres for the season ensure they have been cleaned thoroughly. You could do this by use of a rubber cleaner, warm water and a vacuum tire brush as this will greatly assist in removing road debris and brake dust. It s also advisable to note that most tyres benefit better from no type of wax or dressing product applied to them. If you wish to apply wax or other products on them you could place them inside of your garage's storage cupboard.

How to store and care for your tyres will differ depending on the type of tyre you have. A high performance tyre with deep treads that are used in off road conditions will need to be stored in an environment that is protected from moisture and heat and will be kept in a well ventilated storage area or garage. This will ensure that the rubber's treading is never damaged and that they have a long lifespan. If the rubber on the tyres wears or is damaged due to storing them improperly, they will need replacing.

Infographic Source: https://www.doubledtyres.com.au/post/what-are-the-differences-between-light-truck-tyres-and-car-tyres-1

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