The most searched types of jewellery on Google

 We retrieved a wholesome collection of information from our search engine partners, all aimed at finding out who was searching for what in the world of jewellery. More and more of us are buying our gold and diamonds online nowadays, especially since the pandemic saw so many disruptions in the supply chain to our high street stores. 

With the world of online jewellers going strong, we though it was high time we found out what people are searching for. We even had it transcribed into graphic form so that it’s both informative and fun.

The search result information above tells us a few things we knew already, and a few things we didn’t know. We knew that engagement rings would be in the top spot for rings, for example, but we didn’t know that there would be so many other popular subcategories in the ring’s genre. While vintage rings weren’t very popular (with only 2,600 total searches), generic ring searches were a full fifth of the total searches for all types of jewellery. 

A category which surprised us was the necklace category. We can see that only 11% of the searches were for necklaces, so a little over a tenth. Of these, some 22,000 people wanted a diamond necklace while 40,000 wanted gold. When aligned alongside the engagement rings category, which has 18,000 diamonds against 12,000 gold, we see more people want diamond engagement rings than want diamond necklaces.

The last point of interest we can take from these figures is in the wedding rings category. If you’ll notice, gold wedding rings are more popular than diamond ones. We put this down to tradition as the solid gold wedding ring is often bought to enhance the beauty of an engagement ring.

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