The Most Searched Types of Furniture on Google

 *Is grey the new brown?**

Perhaps the most surprising statistic from online furniture retailer Maple Furniture's infographic is the one that shows us that when it comes to sofa colour, grey beats all other colours hands down, representing 44% of all sofa colour searches in the UK (that's 49,500 monthly searches!).

Historically, brown has been the go-to colour for sofas. Brown offers timelessness and tradition, as well as representing the outdoors and the great outdoors. Many consumers used to cite “hiding the dirt” and “goes with anything” as reasons for choosing brown sofas, so why does the keyword “brown sofa” now represent only 3% of all sofa colour searches?

While the classic brown leather look is still popular with a certain type of consumer, many more colours are now available on the market. There was a time when the only choice on offer was between brown and black. However, cheaper dying processes and easier access to fabrics from all over the world means that consumers have a much wider variety of colours and designs to choose from.

The fact that grey seems to have replaced brown as the most popular sofa colour choice, is likely due to the huge trend towards the colour in interior design circles over recent years. Like brown, grey can be matched with many other colours, given its neutrality, meaning that should you wish to decorate your living room, your grey sofa is still likely to match your colour scheme.

*Infographic figures have been rounded up or down to the nearest 100 monthly searches.

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