10 Steps to Starting Your School

Are you an entrepreneur thinking about starting your own school? Have you started looking at the steps but you’re finding it difficult to navigate the regulations, processes, and procedures needed to actually get your idea from dream to reality? Maybe you’re a teacher who is tired of having bureaucracy and overzealous administrators stand between you and your ability to teach students?

Starting your own private school can be a rewarding process and one that can help a lot of students and families get an education they might not otherwise be able to receive, but the process is complicated and sometimes difficult to follow.

In this infographic, we have organized the 10 basic steps to starting your own private school so that some of the guesswork is removed. If you follow this roadmap and complete each step in the process, your new school will be ready to open in no time.

Infographic Source: https://choosetwine.com/10-steps-to-starting-your-private-school/
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