Where Does Water Go After Treatment

Most Americans depend on their municipalities to deliver clean water. The municipal water cycle is something that has been reinvented countless times over the course of history. Every civilization has tried to reinvent the way they get their water. It originated with the Assyrian’s invention of the aqueduct (still in use today) and has evolved into a complete industrial chain of pipes and pumps that traverse states, delivering water to everyone. As you can imagine, a lot of resources go into making consumable water so attainable.

This Is How We Get Our Water

A typical American household uses 300 gallons of water a day. Baths and showers, brushing our teeth, watering our lawn, laundry and cooking; we use water without thinking. Once we use this water, it leaves our household through a variety of drains. This water is then sent on a journey of cleaning, filtering, traveling and ultimately finds its way back to use. Here’s how.

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