Uber: An Overview of the Ride-Hailing Company

Uber, a ride-hailing company that originated in the US, managed to revolutionize the ride-hailing industry, following its launch. Recent Uber stats reveal that 14 million Uber trips are made every day across the world and that the number of monthly active Uber users as of December 2018 was 91 million.

Since the start of its operation, Uber has completed more than 10 billion trips worldwide as of June 2018. In case you are wondering how Uber was able to cover such an amount of rides, statistics have it that Uber has up to 3.9 million drivers working with them to transport people from one destination to another. In the US alone (which is its largest market), Uber currently holds up to 70% of the ride-hailing market.

Uber's annual revenue, as reported by its statistical team, amounted to $14.15 billion in 2019, showing a significant increase of about 26% when compared to the previous year (2018).

Aside from being a ride-hailing company with so many drivers, Uber is also venturing into self-driving cars. Uber's self-driving unit is valued at more than $7 billion as of 2019.

1. How Does Uber Work?

Uber is a ride-hailing company that uses its mobile app to grant users access to the Uber platform, where they can request a driver to take them on a trip. Once you submit a trip request through the mobile app, you get matched to any available Uber driver closest to your location. A notification is also sent to the driver to notify him/her of a recent trip request from you, with your location attached. Once the driver accepts this request, you will be notified of his/her details as he/she comes to pick you up.

Uber is designed to accept various forms of payment, all cashless. You wouldn't need to bother about paying your driver any cash after your trip, as all transactions would happen within the app. With so many drivers already signed up with Uber, you can get a ride from any destination within a country in a few minutes.

Uber also allows its users to request rides on behalf of someone else. When trying to help friends and family book a trip through the Uber app, you will need to select your pick-up location - which is already known, provided your phone’s location is turned on. In a case where you choose a pick-up site that is different from your current location, you will be asked if the ride is for someone else. If you select “yes”, you will need to provide the necessary details of whomever you are trying to book a trip for. Once the trip is booked, a confirmation text message containing the details of the expected Uber driver will be sent to the phone number of the person whose details you have already provided.
You can download the Uber app on both iOS and Android.

2. Different Classes of Car Hiring Services in Uber


UberX is the standard form of Uber rides. The car is usually a sedan and can carry up to four passengers.


UberXL is just like UberX, only that it is designed to contain more people (up to 6). It can be a mini-van or a basic SUV.


This is the luxurious model of Uber cars that can contain up to four people. It can be a limousine or other high-end car model that denotes class and expensive taste.


This is a luxurious SUV that is far costlier than the basic SUV mentioned earlier in UberXL. It can contain up to 6 people.


This can be a standard vehicle, but it will always have a certified or trained assistant driver behind the wheel. This is because people who use UberAssist services are people with health issues, that may need help entering or alighting from the car.


UberWAV is similar to the UberAssist ride option, but this time around, with a wheelchair-accessible option. In a case where a passenger needs a wheelchair during or after the ride, the best option is UberWAV.

Aside from being a ride-hailing company, Uber has utilized its large customer base to now offer a variety of services outside car driving. One such successful venture by Uber is the food delivery platform known as "UberEats."

3. What Is UberEats?

UberEats is a food ordering platform controlled by the Uber company. It was launched in 2014, starting in the US before venturing into other countries worldwide. Currently, Uber has a partnership with over 220,000 restaurants across 500 cities worldwide. In the US alone, UberEats holds 25% of the US food delivery market.

Just like the ride-hailing service, ordering with UberEats is pretty straightforward, and has been summarized in these four simple steps:

  • Create an account with your details and payment information
  • Browse through the various restaurants partnered with Uber in your region
  • Place your order and pay with your card
  • Track your order and wait for it to arrive

On average, orders from UberEats cost around $27 per order. Below are some famous restaurants already partnered with Uber:

  • DoorDash
  • GrubHub
  • Swiggy
  • Zomato
  • Xavier
  • Deliveroo

4. Benefits of Using Uber Services

Uber Is Convenient and Affordable

With Uber, all you need is a mobile phone, an internet connection, and a means of payment  (like your credit card) for you to book your ride around the city. There is no need to leave the comfort of your home or office, neither do you have to chase down taxis on the street for you to get an excellent ride to your desired destination.

Most times, booking a car and having that car arrive at your location only takes a few minutes. When compared to the traditional taxi fare, Uber is less expensive, considering the quality of the ride.

It Is Cashless

Are you stranded somewhere without cash to get you home? No problem. Just download the Uber app, link your credit card to your account, and you can order a ride to your destination without having to pay in cash.

You Are Sure to Get Professional Services

At the end of every ride, there is an option for the passengers to rate their experience with the driver. A continuous poor rating from passengers ensures that a driver stays out of business with Uber. The power of evaluating a ride lies solely in the hands of the rider. You decide how many stars you wish to give to a driver based on how much you enjoyed your trip. For that reason, drivers try as much as they can to stay professional while also delivering quality service on each ride.

Cars used for Uber services are well-maintained and handled by professional drivers who have gone through a rigorous screening process by Uber. Besides, a poorly maintained car also leads to poor ratings from riders, which can equally put a driver out of business with Uber.

Uber Provides a Safer Option, Both for Drivers and Riders Alike

The cashless policy of Uber ensures that drivers are not susceptible to robberies that may lead to the loss of cash earned for the day. Also, it takes away the possibility of drivers and riders getting into an argument over unpaid car rides, or the price of a particular trip.

Additionally, drivers have an option in the app where they can rate their passengers as well. A consistent poor rating or complaint about a particular customer will lead to deactivation of that account. That way, rude, insulting, aggressive, and egocentric passengers are weeded out and made to stay away from the platform.

Uber drivers tend to have more free time when compared to traditional cab drivers. More free time equals more opportunities to engage in other activities. The flexibility of Uber also allows drivers to choose their working hours. When a driver logs out of his/her account, he/she won't be considered for jobs until he/she signs back in.

On May 29th, 2018, Uber added the option of the "panic button" to its safety toolkit. The panic button option allows passengers to call 911 directly in case of any danger. This option also includes new features where you can add trusted contacts to your account. You can share your Uber trips amongst these trusted contacts for safety purposes.


Since its introduction to the world market, Uber has successfully taken over the ride-hailing industry. Millions of people now make use of Uber services for their transportation needs in various parts of the world. Given the amount of convenience that comes with ordering an Uber ride and the price range for every trip, users have found the Uber driving service quite affordable. Aside from being a ride-hailing company, Uber has a food delivery service known as "UberEats." UberEats, which was launched in 2014, can be found in various parts of the world but has its largest market in the US, where it originated.

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