Road Traffic Accidents: How does Suffolk compare to the UK?

Gotelee solicitors wanted to investigate how road traffic accidents within the Suffolk area compare to those of the UK in its entirety. As such, they launched their own research project, ‘Road Traffic Accidents: How does Suffolk compare to the UK’. This led them to gather information from government publications, expert opinions in addition to data and statistics.

The motivation behind the project was to better inform the public on road traffic accidents as an entire topic, including; what types there are, what are the most at-risk locations, and how to evaluate if you have the grounds to make a legal claim if you have been involved in an accident. The project fulfilled each of these objectives. Additionally, Gotelee analysed why the data from Suffolk differed from that of the UK.

As a final resource for individuals searching for further information, Gotelee put together a short video of one of their leading Road Traffic and Personal Injury Solicitors, Stevan Stratton, who took the time to answer the frequently asked questions they often come up against as a firm.

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