How to cook cupcakes

Cupcakes have become perhaps the most iconic dessert of the 21st century.

In fact, cupcakes appeared in the days of the Roman Empire, but became popular in the Middle Ages in Western Europe.

But cupcakes, small pieces of dough are widespread in England. The peasants prepared them in small forms, so that it was convenient to take with them for agricultural work.

They united in the 19th century in the USA. In 1828, Eliza Leslie included a recipe for cooking goodies in her cookbook. Gradually, sweet cupcakes flooded home cooking and pastry shops. According to one version, they got their name due to the fact that the products on them were measured in cups. Another claims that the treat was simply baked in cups.

Cupcakes are New York pastries, where they were baked in silicone forms, looking like a glass or coffee cup - hence the name cup. That is, the guest was given two cups, he ate from one, and drank from the other. And here, the bias towards silicone is not found authentic forms - bake your cupcakes in corrugated paper.

In 2005, the first canteen specializing in cupcakes appeared in the USA.

A cupcake is a traditional, American kuchen of a pocket size that is made from butter, sugar flour and eggs. In America, they have been prepared for almost 200 years, also meanwhile, the formula for the dough has not changed much. It consists of butter, flour, sugar, and eggs. The filling and cream can be different, and each cook has the opportunity to experiment on their composition.

The main secret of making the "right" ones is to use only fresh and high-quality products. For the dough, sweet butter and eggs, the best flour and fine crystalline sugar are bought. Quality ingredients make gentle and light cupcakes, which, for many, have become a favorite dessert.

It is essential to observe the right proportions of components when kneading the dough. You should take 4 eggs, 3 cups of flour, 2 cups of sugar, and 1 cup of butter. How to mix the components - it is up to the cook. If you beat the dough by hand, using a whisk, it will turn out denser. If you use a mixer, the money in the process of kneading will be saturated with air bubbles. They will make it light and airy.

Culinary subtleties 

For baking cupcakes, disposable paper forms are best suited. They are inexpensive; besides, you do not have to pick out each cupcake from the mold after cooking. The paper shell perfectly preserves the shape of the cake; the finished cake will be elegant and beautiful. Cupcake in a paper mold is convenient to eat because the dough will not get hands dirty.

When baking, it is essential not to overdo the cupcakes in the oven. Outwardly, they can be beautiful, but inside they turn out to be too dry. Properly baked mini-cupcake should be soft and airy.

Some cooks use not sweet, but salty stuffing for cupcakes. It can be lightly melted cheese, greens, meat, or fish mousse. Sugar is not added to the dough. Such cakes will not be a dessert, but an unusual snack.

Gourmet cupcake is a fairly rare type of cupcake. These cakes are created on the basis of some special taste, for example, tiramisu or cappuccino, and contain fillings that are suitable for taste and consistency. Now, by the way, some bakeries deal only with them.

Americans love cupcakes so much that they allocated not one, but three whole days in honor of this dessert! Chocolate cupcake is celebrated in the USA on October 18, vanilla on November 10, and lemon on December 15.

Cupcakes are great for the crazy rhythm of modern life. They are small, you can take them with you on the way to work, they are easy and inexpensive to cook on your own, and they are also very cute!

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