The UK’s driving opinions

In a search for the UK’s most intriguing opinions on driving, temporary car insurance provider Dayinsure surveyed the British public with some poignant transport questions. Asking everything from whether dashcams should be required by law to whether those who are caught drink driving should be banned for life, the survey looks to uncover some of the most thought-provoking of public opinions.

The infographic which accompanies the piece has been created to display the most interesting of the findings, and results. Highlighting the key statistics from the study, it’s a takeaway of the need-to-know information. And, with the Dayinsure design, it is light and eye-catching.

The main article which the infographic supports breaks down each question in more depth, the results to each question and also looks into how they compare or contrast with the current laws and regulations. As well as that, it features interactive data graphics showing the full responses to the survey and a competition.

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