What is the best tourist attraction in the world?

What is it that makes a tourist attraction the best in the world? Is it its UNESCO Heritage Site status? Its number of hashtag mentions on Instagram? Or could it be its entry price? These are all things that UK cruise specialists ROL Cruise examined in a recent study to find ‘The best tourist attraction in the world’.

By scoring the world’s top 25 tourist attractions against a range of factors, they were able to determine that Machu Picchu is the world’s best attraction, beating the likes of Walt Disney World, the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum and more.

In the accompanying article, ROL Cruise showcases some of the top scoring contenders in each category, shining a light on what makes them so unique. The article also includes various first-hand experiences and opinions of travel bloggers who have visited these attractions themselves and what makes them one of the world’s top 25 tourism hotspots.

Infographic Source: https://www.rolcruise.co.uk/blog/best-attraction-in-world

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