Top 5 films to inspire wanderlust

Below you can see the newest infographic from ROL Cruise, the UK’s number one independent cruise specialist. Titled ‘The Top 5 Films to Inspire Wanderlust’, the infographic shows some of the best big screen adventures people should watch before they go on a trip. All 5 films are sure to make you want to dust off your passport and pack your suitcase – trust us!

Including The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Into the Wild, Wild, The Bucket List and Eat, Pray, Love, the locations you’ll see on the screen will take you all over the globe, and really highlight what our beautiful world has to offer.

The accompanying article goes into further detail about each film and lists plenty more. As well as that, it contains travel bloggers first-hand recommendations, and their insights as to why the films are so inspirational to them. A real must-read full of must watches!

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