How to Prevent 4 Building Envelope System Fails and Save BIG!

A building envelope is the skin of a building. As its name implies, it "envelopes" the structure, protecting the interior of the building from the elements, while maintaining the best inside environment. Not only do building envelope systems give buildings their unique character; they also help regulate temperature, humidity, light, and other factors that may influence the building's ecosystem.

According to experts, well-executed building envelopes are rarely noticed, while poorly made envelopes reveal numerous problems. Leaks, mold infestations, poor temperature regulation, and energy waste are some of the symptoms of a faulty building envelope system.

Because poorly constructed building envelopes lead to a host of issues, owners should invest in ensuring their that their envelopes are working properly.

In this infographic, you'll learn the basic building envelope functions and the reasons why many building envelopes fail. Here we also share what you can do to prevent these building envelope failures and save more.

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