The ultimate guide to beer around the world

This brand-new infographic from the UK’s top cruise specialists is perfect for both beer lovers and traveller alike. Listing 7 of the best beer producing countries and their most prominent type of brew, it’s sure to make anyway want to take a trip around the world to try them.

Featuring Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and China, the beers featured are: cerveza, craft beer, stout, Belgian-style ale, pilsner, bock and light beer. As well as those beers, it also features some interesting beer facts about all seven countries.

The accompanying article on the ROL Cruise website goes into more detail about each country, listing some of the history of beer there and some anecdotes from travellers who have been there and sampled the beer first-hand. We are sure this infographic is enough to make anyone want to pick up a pint and book a cruise ticket around the world!

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