How much does it cost to travel the world?

ROL Cruise’s new infographic - how much does it cost to travel the world? – explores the real and true prices of travelling the globe. Whether you are looking to go on around the world voyage or just trying to work out whether cruising is worth its price tag, this infographic is for you.

Comparing the average daily price of food, accommodation and entertainment in different regions around the world, you get a real insight into the true cost of travelling different areas. The data all comes from real travellers as well, so you can rest assured the prices demonstrate real-life prices and not just those advertised.

The accompanying article talks to travel bloggers in a very in-depth way to find out country to country breakdowns for a fair amount of the most popular travel countries around the globe. It also highlights just how cheap a world cruise is when you consider all of the factors and how one up-front payment can work out better than myriad small payments.

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