Phones 4 Loo

Insurance brand loveit coverit have been conducting independent research, looking into the various ways in which smartphones have affected our daily lives. In particular, they’ve surveyed 2000 people across the UK to find out exactly how smartphones are being used in our most private and intimate spaces, such as the bedroom and bathroom. As part of the survey, respondents were asked how often they use take their smartphone to the toilet with them, the extent to which they use their smartphone throughout the day, and how often, if ever, they interrupt or refuse sexual intercourse because of their smartphone. The results were pretty shocking and revealing.

loveit coverit found that between 15 – 16% of young people have used their phone during sex, 15% of which have checked dating apps during intercourse. This demonstrates, quite clearly, how smartphones are affecting relationships. Read the rest of the in-depth infographic to find out more.

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