Behind The Scenes: The Cost of Video Production in the Philippines

Aside from adding variety to the content on your brand’s online feeds, did you know that video productions can give you a huge return on investment? For example, a video on your brand’s landing page can make your conversion rates shoot up by 80% and boost email marketing click-throughs by 65%, according to a study by BigCommerce. No wonder more and more brands in the Philippines are investing in top-class video productions!

Before you dive into video production, however, you’ll want to have an idea of how big a budget you need to set aside. Otherwise, you might be shocked by how much you’ll be spending for a video production! You can’t expect a high quality video production to come cheap, after all. A cost breakdown can help you find the perfect balance between reasonable production costs and professional results that’ll attract your viewers’ attention.

To help you out, here’s a one-stop guide to the cost of video production in the Philippines. This infographic lists down the estimated costs for each stage of the video production process, from reservations for shooting locations to the stock footage used in post-production. There’s even a section dedicated to DIY video productions in case you’re feeling a bit creative yourself!
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