Top wildlife photography tips for beginners

Love snapping photos when you’re travelling the world? Make sure you’re equipped with these top tips for capturing the perfect nature and wildlife snaps on your next holiday. With the help of a number of professional nature and wildlife photographers, ROL Cruise was able to put together this quality infographic that details their top tips for capturing the most dynamic wildlife shots.

From practising at home and playing with lighting, these tips are sure to help you capture the most stunning moments in nature, whether that’s birds flying overhead during the sunset or a group of monkeys swinging through the trees.

The infographic is a takeaway of a comprehensive article put together with the help of a collection of extraordinary professional wildlife photographers. The article not only features their top tips, but their inspirations and thoughts on what it means to be able to photograph nature and wildlife all over the world.

The vivid blue and green colours of the infographic add to the piece’s natural feel, with each tip having an accompanying image to ensure clarity and bring it to life.

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