Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Industry is huge in itself. It is an activity that provides a diversion and permits people to amuse themselves in their free time, and it may also provide fun, enjoyment, and laughter. People can also create their own entertainment, such as when they spontaneously invent a game; participate actively in an activity they find entertaining, such as when they play sports as a hobby; or they may even consume an entertainment product passively, such as when they attend a performance.

The entertainment industry (informally known as show business or show biz) is an important part of the tertiary sector of the economy and it includes a large number of sub-industries dedicated to entertainment. However, the term is usually used in the mass media to describe the mass media companies that control the distribution and formation of the mass media entertainment. In the popular parlance, this term shows biz in the particular connotes the commercially popular performing arts, mainly musical theatre, comedy, movies, and music. It is applied to each and every aspect of entertainment including cinema, television, radio, theatre, and music.

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