The World's Unspoken Languages

When you are used to communicating using words in any language, you might not believe that there are languages around the world that do not need words for their speakers to actually ''speak.'' We are talking about languages that are unspoken. These are often ancestral languages that are confined to a community or a tribe. Some of them are being known through media due to the encounters with linguists, researchers or even tourists who happen to visit some remote areas. '

""Click language"" became more exposed to the West through movies. Click languages originated from Africa and was used by a number of tribes in different forms, although there is also one from Australia, the Damin language, which is already extinct. In the Hollywood film, ""The Black Panther,"" Xhosa, a Bantu language, was spoken by the lead actor. In the 1980 movie, ""The Gods Must Be Crazy,"" which was set in Botswana, the San farmer named Xi spoke in Khoisan, another click language. Know other unspoken languages in this special infographic.

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