Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads [Marketing comparison]

This infographic is made by marketers, to show and compare the details for Facebook and Google ads. The 2 biggest online advertising platforms at the time being, where we describe which platform to choose, why and how. Our infographic is a part of of our blogpost, where we in more details cover the differences, and the pros and cons of the platforms. Remember Google owns about 75% of the market share of search engines, and Facebook has over 2.1 billion active monthly users. Facebook marketing is working as a push marketing channel where you “push” ads to people with certain interests, behaviour, geo-location etc. This data is based of Facebook owns data-gathering as well as a few associated partners. Google on the other hand utilise a pull marketing channel approach where you audience have to search by themself, for specific keywords or search inquiries in order to get some results. These 2 different behaviour patterns will be covered more in details in the post, but you can also just have a look at the infographic for some inspiration.

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As an beginner, I now has the sense of the overall broad picture after reading through this valuable post.
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