Songwriting Competitions to participate in 2019

There are several songwriting competitions held all around the world every year. In this infographic you can find 23 interesting song contest you can participate in 2019. Many of these songwriting competitions are open for everyone including international attendees and some are only for amateur musicians or young songwriters. Many of songwriting competitions take fee for per one song which is usually around 35$. There are also a few contests that are completely free of entry. Songwriting competitions are fun way to test your songs thought the outcome is not the only truth.

These competitions usually give away prizes for the winners which are studio time, recording equipment and ever cash. The most valuable prize what you can get from songwriting competitions is probably feedback from music industry professionals. It may hard to get constructive critique for your songs if you don't have connections already so songwriting competitions are a good option for that. This infographic is produced by Ghosts Welcome by Ari - The Songwriting Blog.

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