A DIY guide to removing toilet mold

Mold usually appears in places we most expect such as behind drywall, on carpets, wooden furniture, basements and attics. But toilets often fall victim to this terrible fungi from time to time as well. The most common causes of toilet mold is high levels of bathroom humidity, toilet leaks, very long periods of stagnant water in the bowl and tank and sometimes even irregular cleaning.

This can easily be prevented by installing an extractor fan in the bathroom to help remove excessive amounts of humidity during baths and showers. Also, be sure to fix any leaks. Common places that can leak is the washer underneath the tank and the water inlet valve. Leaving water stagnant in the bowl and tank for really long periods of time also causes mold formation - a common problem with mostly unused facilities such as guest toilets. This can easily be solved by flushing the toilet once weekly to replace the water.

If you already have a moldy toilet then take a look at this infographic as it explains how to effectively remove mold from places such as the toilet tank, base, bowl and seat.

Infographic Source: https://blackmoldfix.com/remove-mold-in-toilet/
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