Software Deployment Checklist for Businesses

As customers, we don't care what happens behind the scenes. We just want products that can solve our problems without requiring any configuration on our part. That's why Apple is such a popular brand—they take away all the unnecessary options that will just overwhelm the average consumer and configure their iPhones in a way that it works optimally out-of-the-box.

So when you need to snap a photo, you can do it with one tap. Need to take notes? One tap.

But for app developers, creating a simple product or app is not as simple. You need to have a documented process that clearly describes each step—from planning to deployment and testing, even maintenance—so your team can spend less time squashing bugs and more time improving the software.

Check out the Software Deployment Checklist for Businesses below for a more in-depth look at the five phases of software deployment for businesses.

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