Why You Don’t Need to Base Your Marketing Strategy on the Latest Gimmick

As a business, you need every possible edge over the competition, and you need to be open to trying new options. Mobile marketing is hot, so you jump on the bandwagon and start sending out marketing messages via Bluetooth.

Then the marketing gurus tell you that you must use the Instagram Stories feature to get your target market’s attention, and so it goes on. You make a good start, but you have a million things to do, so you decide to get back to it after your security awareness training.

You flit around from one strategy to the next when and if you have the time, and still don’t see the results that you would like to, so you move on to the next hack.

Well, it’s time to get back to basics. According to research conducted by EveryCloud,  around about 62% of people will take some form of desirable action when they receive an email. In other words, they’ll open it, click through to the site, sign up for updates, etc.

They’ve rounded up some interesting facts that are bound to make you take a new look at email marketing and how effective it is. Check out all the relevant stats in their infographic below.

Email marketing may not be the flashiest sister when it comes to advertising, but it is the one that will always be there for you. Spend a little time upfront optimizing your campaigns properly and you’ll get reliable results time and time again.

And, if you’re not sure about where to start, check out the infographic. You’ll get some stellar tips about how you can create campaigns that turn heads. Some of the tips, like using a good subject line, are pretty self-explanatory.

But, did you know that you increase your odds of having a wildly successful campaign by reducing the number of emails that you send out? Want to know why? Check out the infographic.

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