A Simple Guide to Understanding Tech Support Jargon

When you have a problem with your Internet connection, or if your computer suddenly stopped working, who is the first one you call for help?

Most people would answer: Definitely *not* the tech support guy.

But why do so many people have an apparent repulsion against people whose sole job is to try to help not-so tech-savvy people solve their tech problems?

This is most likely because tech support professionals have a tendency to use words that no one understands—ISP, VPN, SSL, you name it. Technology in 2018 has definitely advanced to the point that it's necessary to use many new terms, but often these terms are not being taught to the people who need them the most, a.k.a. the normal people who buy personal computers and devices like smartphones and tablets.

That's why IntelligentBee compiled a list of the 40 most common terms used by tech support professionals for non-tech savvy people to better understand their next phone call with the tech guy.

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