The 15 Best Technical SEO Tools Every Webmaster Should Know!

There is a plethora of tools which a company can use in order to enhance its search rankings through efficient optimization of its websites. One of these tools is Screaming Frog using which you can find out basic things which you have missed out such as images with big files, errors in response codes, canonicals, and URLs.

Google Search Console has undergone many updates and enhancements in recent years to emerge as the best tool for SEO reporting.

Google Analytics is a free tool using which you can find out details on major aspects related to SEO such as penalties, issues related to traffic etc.

Web Developer Toolbar is available as browser available for Chrome as well as Firefox. Using it, you can find out different types of code related problems, like the ones which are related to the implementation of JavaScript, problems with images, alt texts, meta tags etc.

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