Does Your College Have The Best Women's Soccer Players?

Over the past four years, eight colleges have accounted for 27% of the top women’s soccer players, all of them Div. I colleges.

Indeed, under one-fourth of states actually have the most elite of women's soccer players. Stanford leads the way with 21 top 100 rankings and Florida State and Penn State are tied for second. Where does your favorite college stand?  This map shows the schools with the greatest percentage shares of top women's soccer players. Our list includes the regular season of 2015-2017. It also includes the 2018 preseason rankings from the week of Aug. 20. How does your college stand up to the competition? If you're from California, it looks like you're in luck! Over thirty players alone come from various colleges located in the Golden State. Stanford alone has produced a top two player every single year in the past three years. It must be something in the water down there!
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