Labor Day Facts and Stats

With Labor Day coming up many people will be celebrating one thing we all have in common – the day we all get to relax, forget about those work emails, and just be lazy. In honor of that special day, RewardExpert – a free service that helps travelers take full advantage of credit card and airline rewards – has put together a fun infographic with interesting facts and figures about Labor Day.

Did you know that Oregon was the first state to officially recognize Labor Day? Or how about the fact that over 185 million Americans plan to make Labor Day related purchases? Not only that, but Americans will spend 13.5 billion dollars on travel expenses over Labor Day Weekend.

And it’s no wonder why! We’re in the final stretch of summer, families across the country are looking for their last bit of fun in the sun. A total of 16 percent of Americans plan to get away for the holiday weekend and will be traveling by plane. Knowing where and when you’re most likely to experience travel disruptions is the first step towards ensuring smooth sailing for the holiday. To guarantee your lazy weekend goes off without a hitch, check out RewardExpert’s Labor Day Travel Forecast to find out the best and worst airlines, airports, and dates for travel over the Labor Day holiday travel period.

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