How To Avoid Airdrop Scams

As the world of Cryptocurrency continues to develop and mature, many new
things emerge. Recently, Airdrops have gained more and more notoriety.

An Airdrop is a token give away used as promotion for ICO's and other
crypto projects. Now when anything is free, there is always some sort of
requirement or process you must follow to get the reward. For Airdrops,
participants must register for these airdrops by providing their email,
social media account details, and other digital profile information. These
Airdrop campaigns run for anywhere from 2-8 weeks and those who sign up
during that period qualify for these free tokens which can later exchange
for Ether or fiat.

Of course in a space so new and constantly developing, like Crypto, there
are good and bad guys. The good news is, there are many ways to spot the
bad guys when it comes to Airdrops.

We suggest you consider these things when it comes to safety with airdrops:

  1. Never send/donate ETH or pay for an airdrop
  2. Do not share your private key
  3. Create an airdrop dedicated email
  4. Use different passwords
  5. Be careful with KYC airdrops
  6. Set up a new Ethereum Wallet for airdrops
  7. Always use reliable sources when doing your research

With support from the community and the use of caution when signing up,
users can avoid scam and keep their information safe.

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